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CNC Plasma Cutter

The 4'x4' plasma cutter is an Arclight Arc Pro X 4800 with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 torch. The plasma cutter has a working area of 55“ in the X-axis, 69” in the Y-axis, and a max gantry clearance of 4“.

General Info

Model:Arc Pro 4800
Manual:See desktop computer next to plasma cutter for operations manual


1. Inspect area for environmental hazards. Do not use the plasma cutter if there is water on the floor, or if the machine looks damaged in any way. Contact Elliot Katz or Kyle Werner with any questions about machine maintenance.
2. Drain the air compressor.
3. Ensure water table is filled to within 1/4” of the top of the slats.
4. Plug the white extension cable into an outlet, then turn on in sequence:

a. Surge Suppressor
b. PC + Monitor
c. Motor Amplifier

5. Using a USB flash storage device, move your .DXF or .SVG files into a folder with your name on the desktop. Files left on the desktop will be deleted.

6. Open your vector file in SheetCAM

7. Convert the vector file into toolpaths using the Plasma Cut operation. Ensure the selected 'tool' matches the workpiece.

8. Export the G-Code. Save under your folder.

9. Open G-Code in CommandCNC 10. Click 'E-Stop Active' to enable the motor controller.

11. Home the X and Y axis to establish a machine zero.


If the PC is unplugged without properly shutting down, the tool library in Sheetcam may be lost or corrupted. This may cause the tool library panel to display “T1: 0.030 kerf plasma” instead of “45A 16AWG Steel”. To fix this issue:

1. Open Sheetcam 2. Under the File menu, select Open Toolset 3. Navigate to Desktop/Program Backup Files/ and select the file: commandcncHYP 65-85-105 to import the tool library. 4. If the names aren't fixed after importing the tool library, click on the table icon in the Tools window, and de-select 'Automatically generate name' 5. Under the File menu, select 'Save Default Toolset' 6. Make sure the system is shut down completely before removing power!

For catastrophic damage to the Sheetcam software configuration, use this Sheetcam Setup PDF to restore the original program settings.

More Learning

Equipment Status

For availability and current status of this equipment, please see Tools Inventory, or the parent area under which this tool is maintained.

Primary Consumables

Consumable Part NumberProduct Link
Hand Torch ShieldHypertherm 220818Hypertherm Website
Hand Torch Retaining CapHypertherm 220854Hypertherm Website
Hand Torch NozzleHypertherm 220941Hypertherm Website
Hand Torch ElectrodeHypertherm 220842Hypertherm Website
Hand Torch Swirl RingHypertherm 220857Hypertherm Website
Mechanized Torch ShieldHypertherm 220817Hypertherm Website
Mechanized Torch Retaining CapHypertherm 220854Hypertherm Website
Mechanized Torch NozzleHypertherm 220941Hypertherm Website
Mechanized Torch ElectrodeHypertherm 220842Hypertherm Website
Mechanized Torch Swirl RingHypertherm 220857Hypertherm Website

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