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Electronics Inventory (draft - not for release)

Donations from Logic Supply:

1 ea Panel PC

18 each ICS-2010D-00A14-U0

EMBUX Pico-BOX PC, i.MX6DL 1GHz, DDR3, 1GB, with ubuntu OS HDMI/OLED/LAN/2xUSB/RS-485/5V

10 each PPC-1030W-00A1-A0

EMBUX 10“ PPC, i.MX6DL 1GHz, DDR3 2GB, mPCIe, PCT with android OS, BK HDMI/OLED/LAN/2xUSB/RS-485/5V

3 ea. VBOX-3120-C1

Firmware Version R0.1

BIOS Version R1.20

POWER: DC Input 9-36V Output 60W

7 ea LoongBoard-L7

7” Open Frame ARM Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

PO05361 ChipSee Information Technology


33 each ICM-2010-00A1

EMBUX 2.5“ Pico-ITX Freescale i.MX6, RISC DualLite SBC A1

<200 ea AD3-2010Y-S001

EMBUX 8 GB MLC SD card w/ Yocto


7 ea Chipsee CS10600-OF

7” Open Frame ARM Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

Jetway JNF9I-2550

intel cedar trail-d 2550+ICH10R chipset 2 DDR3 1066 SO-DIMM up to 4 GB

6CH audio 1 * intel giga LAN 5 * SATA2.0 /10* USB 2.0

Jetway ADE4RTLANG (EAN-13)

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