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Agenda for Monday 10/9/17 (meeting occur every second Monday every month)

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, (Josh Thompson is out)

Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

5:00 PM Pizza (Please bring your own beverages/sides)

Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

Food, Sharing in Great Hall 4-8pm

Featuring Makers in Residence

Alex Costantino

Devin Wilder

5:00 -Food Arrives- Chips and Pizza Feel Free to bring toppings for Chips (BYO Drinks)

5:30 -Call to Order- Please sign in on Clipboard

5:35 -Welcome- Meeting Facilitators Welcome- Jean Cherouny


5:40 -Minutes Reviewed and Approved from 9/14/17

5:50 -Director’s Report- Chris Thompson

6:00 -Community Business


Proposal Updates

Vote in a Secretary-Primary role to take minutes.

Tool/Project Updates

6:10 -Community Building

Updates on maker Faires Etc. Share with us!

Happy Social Hour 4:30 PM Fridays at Generator.

Legos on the front table for a month of play!

7:00 -Adjourn

Minutes September 11th, 2017

Welcome by Jean Cherouny (Meeting Facilitator)

In attendance: Chris Seihman, Pike Porter, Tim Healy, Jonathan Laudell, Cameron Johnas, Alex Costantino, Jon Bondy, Daryl Schultz, Brook Martenis, Jean Cherouny, Brian Merrill, Steve Mermelstein, Denise Shekerjian, Michael Metz, Chris Thompson, Jake Blend, Alex Finkel, Alex Swaisgood, Jim Shields, Stella Marrs.

Introductions were made. Denise S. Made a point that Chris Thompson (ED) has been here for more than just 14 days given how well it has been going in the transition.

Executive Director’s Report:

Chris Thompson: Thanks Michael Metz for his work as interim director. Notes that he helped the transition go as smoothly as possible. Art Hop had huge potential for recruitment and new members were signed up. Karen Cornish is leaving but around for projects volunteer. Sara Sprague will take on the managing of classes. Rachel Hooper, our original Education Director, to focus on educational outreach in our community. The MFA students students at Champlain College will assist her. There are members who will be key in helping her. Beth is rolling out Wildfire an application to get the Volunteers organized. Work Study Students will help with the networking and the cleaning, education and documentation at the Generator. We are looking at fixing the flooding problem in the building with Ryan and Champlain College. The key card system will be arduino based. Charles is rolling out a safe industry standard network system moving forward.

Sustainability for our Organization is Goal for our Facility: We will move move more in more in that direction.

Brook has people interested in helping with the Weather Station for Oct 27th. Also we’ll talk more about increasing attendance at next meeting. People liked sharing in the great hall from 4:00 -8:00. Thanks all who shared projects.

What are you wondering about?

Jon Bondy: How can we bank on getting people through here being more alive with art. Chris Thompson noted that as he is a curator, he would like to have more public art. Brian Merrill noted that Brin Alverez at Flynndog does curation at City Market for artists so perhaps we can do more with them? It would give us exposure to City Market users. Right direction said Chris T: Originally found out that the idea of having shipping containers out back? We will be negotiating with city moving ahead.

We will have the great hall on calendar for project displays 4:00 -8:00 pm rotating with the Maker in Residence. Next Meeting is on Oct 9th and is reserved in the Learning Lab. Stay tuned for a possible change of start time (for the actual meeting; not food or sharing): 6:00. The idea is to find a time that increases attendance.

There is a “door to nowhere” out back to the right off the woodshop. We were wondering how to make a shed? Working on this for winter.

Precious Plastics Update:

Injector finished

Shredder had its first working run. Blades are lined up and will work.

Motor lined up with the drive shaft. Andrew and Pete suggest that

Steam Fest in Essex might be a time to show it off!


Forge and Hammers and aprons were donated by one of our newer members to our forge project. Thank you! Blade-making capability as well as other projects will be possible.

Important note about big purchases – If people know anyone who could get in on helping us buy a specific machine, let Michael Metz or Chris Thompson know! They will help fashion a message and get it across to potential donors. The people we know who already understand us are likely to be more willing to help us out financially.

Why is 3D printer disappearing: Can we have one?

Jon Bondy said to look at CR10 3D Printer. John Mangan said he built a Printer for $600. Taz Series is an option to allocate member money $400 to $600. We will identify a group to meet to discuss options and Rostock 3D Printer Rostock 3D Printer could work if we dive in low cost but has has some problems with how it is calibrated. Jake is willing to volunteer to get it fixed Jon will see if this can work.

Brian M. thought that the makerbots are very well used and that we should explore the reasons. He suggests that one reason is that it was free and further, that it didn’t require a class first, as is true with our more sophisticated printer.

It was further noted that we want to begin to print other materials.

On September 27th Amelia Marzec will be here for food and lecture. She is a New Yorker who has done many residencies and lectures. Her conferences are largely attended by young people (20s and early 30s) and focus on the use of new technology, introspection dialogues, and the role of communication. She calls her gatherings ‘Radical networks conference.” In these conferences, which Stella Maris attended, students were speaking out about how political and communication networks were locking down and asking how we will survive. See one of her exciting projects here: Weather Center for the Apocalyps and maybe you could communicate with her here No Cell PHONE? Thank you Stella Maris for sharing more about Amelia at tonight’s members meeting.

Everyone can bring in their sharing to our members meetings! Guests are also welcome (though obviously non voting.)

Chris T said that we will focus on more local events here every Thursday nights and any ideas you have are appreciated.

From Steve

Champlain Maker Faire is Sept 23 and 24th

Sept 30 Essex Steamfest

December 2, 2017 Aiken k-12 Maker Faire

Cameron said more reminders for member meetings would be helpful and that we also should put it on Facebook so that people can respond to the invite. In addition, we should post it on the front and back white boards sooner.

6:40 Motion to adjourn made by Jean C, Seconded by Daryl S. All in favor!

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