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Generator Members Meeting Minutes October 8th, 2018

Meeting Facilitator:

Steve Mermelstein

In attendance:

Jake Blend, Steve Mermelstein, Jean Cherouny, Jody Brown, Karen Freeman, Jon Landell, Chris Thompson


Steve welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Minutes of Annual Meeting: 1st by Jody, 2nd by Jean to approve the minutes of September 10th as drafted. Approved by unanimous vote.


Alex Constatino is missing 2 day-glo posters of animals. If you have any info about their whereabouts, please contact him, Member Reps or let Generator Staff know. Thank you.

Steve Mermelstein has been chosen to tweet/instagram about Vermont for the “This is Vermont” initiative of the Department of Tourism, an initiative that features a different Vermonter each week chosen to represent the state. Please follow @THISISVT on Twitter and Instagram.

October 10th Reverse Pitch – 11am-2pm at the ECHO Center; the 5 finalists previously chosen for their innovative ideas on delivering education will pitch for 2 $10,000 final awards. Jake Blend is a finalist for his AR flashcards!

October 15th Innovation Week kickoff – 4:30-9:30 pm at the Generator, a celebration of Vermont’s tech and arts communities learning together; will include demos, lightning talks, and mixer with live music.

October 17th Pitch It Fab It – 5:30-7:30 pm at the Generator; winning team gets $5,000 in prototype fabrication from UVM’s Instrumentation and Model Facility.

October 19th VT Tech Jam – 10am-6pm at the Champlain Valley Exposition.

October 20th Randolph Maker Fest – 12:00-4:00pm (Booths still available!).

October 20-22nd Feverish World at UVM and other locations, an arts and sciences convergence symposium

October 24th Reckless Ideas – 7:00-8:30 at the Generator, Paul Budnitz will talk about making art and money, i.e. the creativity/commerce balancing act with a Q&A to follow.

October 26th Generator Halloween Party – 6pm - 9pm at the Generator, details mostly forthcoming. There will be costumes, live music, drinks, snacks, and likely some shenanigans apropos of a makerspace. Bring your friends and family! Please RSVP!

November 12th Spark Pitch – 12:00pm-2:00pm at the Generator, teams of high school girls will pitch ideas for solving community ideas through technology; part of a 6 month design/prototype program.

November 17th Live and Unplugged – 2:00pm-8:00pm at the Generator, real-time analog architecture design competition with hand-built cardboard models.

November 28th Reckless Ideas –7:00pm-8:30pm at the Generator, Randell Harp and Julia Vallera will present on tracking, consent and control of personally identifying data.

Directors Report:

Chris announced that Christine Hill is the new Communications Director for the Generator, she also has a business (Tender Warrior) making recycled and reclaimed jewelry. He reported that Peter has been hired as one of the seven techs coming from Champlain College that will be available to assist people M-F from 12-9pm and help make the Generator more welcoming.

For the quarter that just finished, revenue was $114,000, short of the $133,000 budgeted. This was due to the “Business of Art” program not getting funded. Rather than chase other funding for a launch this fall, the Generator will delay starting this new program until next fall. Expenses were $140,000, within $500 of the budget.

The Generator is partnering with the Lund Family Center and Winooski and Spaulding high schools as part of the Spark program, an immersive and interactive experience for teams of teen girls to address real world problems. Participants will work with business mentors and present their projects/products in April.

There are free 6-month Generator memberships offered through CVOEO for income qualifying individuals who want to start a business. 18 spots are left and interested people should contact Jon Weisbecker, Generator Outreach Coordinator.

The merger of the Champlain College maker space with the Generator, and the expansion into the Flex Space has resulted in new equipment at the Generator, including another laser cutter, a large format color printer and a resin 3D printer. The new key security system is working, with the Generator having an accompanying card print machine. As part of the new system, the wood and metal shop security will only enable entry for those having the required certifications. The new system will also allow flexibility in access types and rates.

There was discussion on members getting refresher instruction, perhaps by auditing the certifications courses. Chris said that people should contact Sarah (Education Director) and she can organize with the shop leads doing equipment update sessions.

Member Builds

– None for this meeting.

Maker In Residence

– Drew and Yana (Peace Paper Project) will do a Skype talk at the next meeting. Questions for them can be posted to the Google Group before the end of October.

Member Minutes to Board

– The group agreed that minutes of member meetings will be routinely sent to the members of the Generator Board.

Next Meeting:

Monday, November 5th

Note: Changed from the 2nd Monday, to the 1st Monday for this meeting.

Adjourn Motion to adjourn approved, and the meeting adjourned at 7:05.

Minutes submitted by Karen Freeman

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