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Pizza Click link below for Google Hangout.

Preamble: We want member meetings to be designed warmly and run efficiently. We have talked about using the podium and screen in the lounge area to make the meetings more comfortable and to allow for better acoustics.

Agenda for 10/17/2016: (highlight and area for commenting on the sidebar) Pizza at-5pm (Please bring your own beverages/sides)

Member Meeting minutes & current agenda posted and available on-line prior to meeting

5:30 Start Time Quorum- we do need to meet 10% of our total membership. This would be 16 people for our current membership number of 152. Discussion of Quorum 5 minutes

- Approve minutes from 09/12/2016 (1 Min)

- Proposals $2124.88 is available. Here is a link to the proposal guidelines:

- New Member and Current Introductions (Google hangout participants) including sign-in sheet.

- Outgoing/Incoming Maker in Residence Presentations [Zack Harmon]/[Jake Blend] (5 min each and 5 Min Q&A. 30 Mins Total) -Member Introductions.

- Announcements (10 min)

  1. Tech Jam Awards (Vote on-line!)
  2. Congrats to Pete and Ben, who had a successful Kickstarter!

- Nightmare VT Member Volunteer Opportunity. Sign up on -Zack Harmon won first prize in Pitch It and Fab It, while other Generator members also pitched! Karen

Order may change tonight. 1. Nightmare Vermont Call for Volunteers (thanks for adding it to the agenda)

2. Sears Lane Transition (Karen will be coordinating)

  1. Timeline
  2. Volunteer opportunities
  3. Studio reservation

3. TechJam

4. LO AND BEHOLD screening

5. Next Volunteer Meeting

- Current Projects Updates (1 Min each) Jake, Pete and Nightmare VT

- Review and discuss Shop/Equipment sign in sheets (5 Min).

- Adjourn Meeting

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