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Agenda for Members Monday 11/14/17 (meeting occur every second Monday every month)

Member Facilitators:Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson and Jake Blend

Jean: Order/Deliver Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

4:00-8:00- Community projects can be shared on two tables in Great Hall for great discussion.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please Bring Your Own Beverages)

Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

5:30- Learning Lab Sign in on Clipboard

5:35- Welcome by Jean Cherouny and Jake Blend

5:40- Introductions

5:55 Directors Report-Chris Thompson

Board Members Announcements

6:10- Proposal Submissions and Updates

6:20- Community Building

Workshops, Volunteering and more. Let’s hear how things have been going at Generator!

6:45- Adjourn

8:00- Clear Projects

Generator Members Meeting

Minutes October 9th, 2017

Welcome Jean Cherouny (Meeting Facilitator) called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Karen Freeman is taking minutes.

In attendance: Beth Robinson, Jody Brown, Daryl Schultz, Whitney Parsons, Todd Taylor, Devin Wilder, Karen Freeman, Steve Conant, Denise Shekerjian, Michael Metz, Brian Merrill, Gary Shores, Jake Blend, Alex Constantino, Kanrad Lasher, Jonathon Landell, Cameron Jonas, Charlie Broadbent, Ezra Ranz-Schleifer, Chris Thompson, Ken Howell , Jean Cherouny, Steve Mermelstein

Minutes from September 14, 2017 - Jean C. made the motion, seconded by Daryl S. to accept the minutes. All voted in favor. Minutes Approved.

Introductions were made.

Director’s Report - Chris Thompson stated that he had completed month one at the Generator (greeted with a round of applause from the attendees!), has been spending a lot of time meeting with business leaders. He is looking forward to being able to now focus more on the Generator. He noted that fundraising is critical since dues cover less than 50% of the real costs of operations. The board is very active with fundraising and interested in getting suggestions of names for potential donors and company sponsors.

Chris spoke about sexual harassment, noting there had been one complaint at the Generator. Respect and inclusiveness is the norm, and zero tolerance is the policy. Complaints should be brought to the attention of Chris or Doug, or any member of the board’s Governance Committee. Denise S. mentioned that she is on that committee.

Brian M. brought up the Champlain College mediation program as a resource for conflict, stating that students in that program have offered their mediation skills at no charge to the Generator.

Chris reported that Matt, who had been injured by a lathe falling on him as it was being moved, is recovering from a broken foot and a sprained ankle. It was a scary situation, and Sam was thanked for his assistance in helping during the accident.

Chris addressed the policy of buying equipment members have brought in to share. He stated that he had made a newbie mistake with the 3-D printer, and that shop leads are in charge of that buying process.

On Friday, October 13th there will be a reception for a European entrepreneurs and innovators group visiting the Generator at 4pm, followed by a sustainable architecture/passive house meetup organized by Yestermorrow from 5-7:30pm. Ties into Burlington’s goal to be the first net zero cities in the US. And on October 16 as part of Innovation Week put on by BTVIgnite, Generator makers will be doing presentations from 5-7pm.

Proposals - Jean reported that there are none for this month.

Proposal Updates - Daryl gave an update on Precious Plastics: Shredder was launched at the Essex SteAmfest, injection machine will be presenting at the 11/2/17 VT Youth Environmental Summit.

Machinable wax project is having issues raising enough money for supplies.

Vote in a Secretary- The primary role would be to take member meeting minutes on a regular basis; item tabled until next meeting

Board Updates – Steve Conant, chair of the board’s new safety committee, spoke about the underlying safety principles of 1) Education (including about OSHA/OSHA standards); 2) Personal accountability (knowing the standards and following); 3) Peer “policing”. He stressed the importance of maintaining the good safety record at the Generator. Group discussion about lack of consistency in people wearing safety goggles in areas where it is imperative. Members suggested asking the Generator community about ideas for visuals and use of the industry standard safety symbol as reminders; good internal communication mentioned (i.e. keep people updated when safety equipment is moved, make sure volunteers know about goggle requirements/locations); type of eyewear clarified (side shield safety glasses); and appropriate requirement for where goggles need to be worn was discussed. There are now three boxes of safety goggles near the areas for which they need to be worn. Jean summarized that the expectation is for safety glasses be worn as one enters the doorway/entryway to the jewelry, metal and wood working areas, and will see how that works.

Community Building - Halloween costume making will be offered by Brooke and Joanne Kalisz on 10/22 and 10/29 at the Generator. Jean reminded the group the usefulness of Front Porch Forum as a tool to invite the public to events.

A shout out was made to the Generator makers that were involved in the Echo Center exhibit. It was mentioned that Mike Garber of the Esc4pe room has just moved into a studio space.

Ezra R-S, who is doing a team-based prototyping thesis, invited the group to an interactive workshop he is offering from 6-8 on October 9th focused on environmental issues, with two more to follow on October 20th and 21st. Question from the group on non-members participating in workshops, clarified that is fine as long as tools requiring certification are not used in the workshops.

Brian M. shared information about Ecovative, a Troy, NY biomaterials company that produces acoustic tiles, packaging and other materials from mycelium mushrooms. He bought one of their Grow Your Own kits to try the product.

Members regrouped to main lobby to hear from Alex Constantino and Devin Wilder.

Alex described his project of creating a 150:1 scale model photo/film set of fictional islands in an unnamed Vermont lake; he will have four sets in total that can fit together and will give an eye level perspective. He described his tools/materials learning and process of making a tiny 3-D model, scaling it up and using the CNC router to build the polystyrene islands in layers. He will present his final work as a physical set of objects and an immersive experience. He asked for ideas about how to make the water more realistic: micro edging plexiglass that was lit from above or below was one idea. Finding the right camera that can miniaturize the human view is another challenge. Michael Zewbrowski was mentioned as an artist who might be helpful on perspective

Devin, the incoming Maker in Residence, introduced herself, described her auditory disability and her intent in improving adaptive technology for persons with neurophysiologic disabilities. She noted the disconnect between engineers that are designing prosthetics and the realities/needs of people with disabilities. She illustrated her point by explaining the many challenges posed by her cochlear implant. While she wants to open source her work she's concerned about the commercialization of her intellectual property by companies without her consent. Brian mentioned Justin MaCabe, a patent attorney on the Generator board, as a good resource person; he also suggested Frankie Lyon at UVM who has been involved in engaging students with outside projects as part of their course work. Devin highlighted the importance of team prototyping and expressed her excitement in attending Ezra’s upcoming workshops.

Motion to adjourn - Made by Daryl S., seconded by Brian M. Vote passed to adjourn at 7:10 pm.


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