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 +November 14 Member Meeting - Agenda
 +===== Member Facilitators:​Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson ===== All previous Agendas and minutes here: http://​​giki/​index.php?​title=Member_meetings
 +You can directly comment by highlighting any part of this agenda or minutes to notify us or email us from the Generator Directory https://​​directory/#​!directory
 +5:00PM Pizza/​Social (Please bring beverages/​sides to share and pot luck)
 +Click link below for Google Hangout. https://​​hangouts/​_/​calendar/​amVhbmFydDcwQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ.n1m7vnlvoo3o5d7ke81hsm86tg?​authuser=0
 +Member Meeting minutes & current agenda posted and available on-line prior to meeting,
 +5:30PM Start Time
 +Quorum- we do need to meet 10% of our total membership. This would be roughly 16-24 people for our current membership number of 152-170. Discussion of Quorum 5 minutes
 +Community Business
 +    Member Introductions. New Member and Current Introductions (Google hangout participants) including sign-in sheet.
 +    Assign recording clerk: ___
 +    Approve minutes from 10/17/2016 (1 Min)
 +    Updates on past projects (project management) Jake, Peter, Lucie, Josh.
 +    Vote on proposals. $1524.88 is available.
 +Here is a link to the proposal guidelines (to be considered project proposals must be submitted one week ahead of Member Meeting): https://​​document/​d/​1-rd3H4809WuGtPNhlxo3nzL2KjFBiWmKgNSZsR6dzA8
 +    Announcements (10 min)
 +    Follow up meeting with NightMare VT is scheduled later this week.
 +    Director'​s report
 +    December and January Meeting times and places.
 +Community Building
 +    What are you making? What is interesting?​ Who are you working with?
 +    Upcoming events? What have you seen on the threads and want to discuss?
 +    Concerns
 +    Adjourn Meeting/​Closing Business
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