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Agenda for Monday 5/8/17 (meeting occur every second Monday every month) Member Facilitators:Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson

You can directly comment on this document by highlighting any part of this agenda or minutes to notify us or email or use the Generator Members Directory!directory

Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides) Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab before 5:30.

We use Rogers Rules system where voting members first and second motions.

5:30 Start Meeting

Member Introductions- 20 min.

Members tell us who you are, what you do and one cool thing you are doing.

Member Business 40min.

  1. Meeting Minutes Approval from April 10th meeting.1 min.

Member Board Representatives Report-10 min.
1.Rep Report 2.Committe Report 3.Replenishment.

Director Report.

FY2018 Budget process, town meeting Company Members Update Green Up update Job Bid Board Natalie Jeremijenko, xClinic Energy Events Staffing, Tech Support at Generator .

Member Board Representatives Report-10 min.
1.Rep Report 2.Committe Report 3.Replenishment

Leisa- Electronics donation.

Auction Fundraiser-5 min.

  1. Steve Mermelstein and community
  2. overview and questions.

Member Build Proposals.

  1. Parabolic Barbecue- for Solar Event- 5 min and Q&A.

Sharing What's Exciting?
Making new speakers. Summer? Movie night here at Generator? What happened at the Multicultural Leadership Conference?

Meeting Minutes
Call to order (Jean) Seconded (Ryan)
Offer for volunteer to take minutes (Josh taking minutes)
Sign In Sheet

Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson, Steve Mermelstein, Ryan Melshenker, Martin Bock, Dan Wagoner, David Denu, Brian Merrill, Ben Coulbourn, Jody Brown, Wallace Johnston, Mary Ellen Manock, Jon Bondy, Lucy Leith, Jonathon Landell, Lucie delaBruere, Mark Sherwin, Alex Costantino, Elisha Rennert, Alex Swaisgood, Eric Hall, Brook Martenis, Gary Shores, Leisa Fearing, Tim Healey

Introductions (who we are and what we make)

Jean read minutes from last member meeting.
(Jody) moved to approve minutes (Jean seconded)

Congratulations to the RoboRaptors for their performance in FIRST. They will be meeting to talk about their experience this Friday May 12 at 5pm, Pizza included.
Member Representatives to the Board of Directors

Lars how do you bring questions to the board. What kind of questions How to narrow or expand the mission of the Generator Lars explained how they govern and oversee Strategic planning, nuts and bolts, big picture challenges is of their concern and they can help privacy , if you feel unsafe, staff is unresponsive, privacy.

Ryan wants to know who board members and committee members are. Can we post them on the Wiki? minutes.

Brian M.: Spoke about Fundraising efforts of Development committee. How can members help businesses get involved with Generator. Talk to board representatives.

Elisha: Community Outreach Intern, Focused on Increasing diversity in our makerspace. Reaching out to community organizations that work with women and refugees. She attended a Spectrum Youth and family services, youth lead, Multicultural Youth leadership conference at Champlain College. Elisha tabled with Alex and Lucie at the conference as a community resource. She ends her internship Jun 5th. Thank you Elisha for bringing such valued participants to our community.

Lars Directors report Dashboard display of finances Kyle: Does Generator Aim to operate independently of grants and donations. Lars: No, we are aiming to be ⅓ donation and ⅔ earned income Town meeting on the second monday in June (June 12th) New Company Members (Dealer dot com, Bullrock Corporation,ECHO) Green Up day was great, Karen is hoping to plant a garden and we are hoping to put in a path and stairs from the top parking lot to the bottom one.

Job Bid Board: It is a test through June 30, please feel free to send Lars feedback about the system. Two more jobs are going up on the board tonight from shelburne craft school. The Airstream in the upper parking lot (Natalie Jeremijenko) will be here a little while longer, but is moving soon. Staffing: Open tech hours posted on the google calendar.

Renewables energy mixer in July (after the 14th)

Kyle: Plasma Cutter, up and running (hopefully classes coming soon).

Leisa: Sunday May 21 (1pm-4pm) Williston Open house. An electronics enthusiast passed away recently, and his family is giving away his electronics stuff. Components and equipment available with a donation.

Steve: Member driven Fundraiser info. We can run a fundraiser similar to the one run by Torpedo Factory. Link to Torpedo Factory Fundraiser We need member buy in. Members will make items/offer services for this event. Everyone attending it goes home with a piece of art/item or service that a member donated. Attendees buy a seat to the event and a lottery determines who gets first choice of the donated items. We are looking to get members involved and committed to the fundraiser. It will be a fall event. You’ll have plenty of time to make your pieces and get your services organized to submit for the fundraiser. If you can commit, post on the thread. Items should be valued at least $250. How should the money raised be allocated (scholarships? General Fund?) members have the opportunity to participate in this decision.

Ben and Josh have asked for $100.00 to purchase the materials (not including the light sensor) to make a Parabolic Solar Cooker as a member build workshop. Members will go away with the experience of making/designing a cooker and having the process documented and made into an instructable made here at the generator for open source sharing and learning. Josh proposed a regular meeting time for the member build of Saturdays at 4pm. Members voted to allocate the full amount to the Parabolic Solar Cooker member build. Jean made a motion to vote on the proposal. Tim seconded.

Lucy Leith has shipped her finished wearable garmet for Bina-48.

Jackson reported on the bike rack and noted the areas that were available in his research. People wanted to know who owned what and what we have access to on the property.

A overall demand is necessary in front all season. Lars wanted to include inside and we will cover that. Rain Shelter.

Jackson showed pipe fitting pipe designs that could be purchased at Home Depot. Fashionable in the fashion. Inside design in metal and wood. Champlain’s easement is about is 4-5 feet.

We plan to have designs ready before the next members meeting, if we don’t have anything ready we plan to purchase a premade rack to meet demand in a timely fashion.

People who want participate in crafters cart it will be at the Alternator as The association of Generator Makers and artists. Artsriot truck stop is on May 19th and a group will meet soon to figure out group structure and organization.

Pete Talbot suggested that we organize a cart group. lisa made a motion to approve and jean seconded it.

Jon shared his new lamps made at the vermont craft school. They were made with three techniques. Parabolic laminations. He built the parabolic jig. Cut and glued parabolas together. Paper lanterns It was a 15 week class. Jon has refined his technique such that he can make one in one week.

Meeting adjourned

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