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Director update

·Chris: Things are going well! We’ve hired a new shop operations manager, who starts on May 29 (his name is Elliott Katz, and he’s the best). He’s a successful sculptor and has been running the large set of shops at the University of Hartford; has a ton of experience. Finances are good ($220,000 currently in the bank). We raised a bunch of money for SPARK, which opened last week, and is aimed at teenage girls and nonbinary kids & women and nonbinary folks. It’s going to be delayed until the fall and turn into a larger event that will involve a mentorship program and will be geared towards broader inclusivity of underrepresented folks. Generator is rolling out a team for VR that features Peter Mawr as the first intern. Art Hop planning is underway, including a giant marble run and the Peace Paper Project (from Hamburg, Germany). Send your ideas along. New budget is coming along and includes money for a second laser cutter.

Other updates

·Kendall: A Humanitarian Open Street Mapping event will be happening at Generator on Wednesday, focusing on Hawaii in response to the recent volcanic activity; work will focus on tracing lava flows.

·Steve: Vermont Aviation Expo is Saturday, June 9, at the regional airport. It’s geared toward anyone with an interest in aviation. Maker Fair update: the form to be a maker at the maker fair will be coming out soon. Getting a table is no cost, and there’s a free lunch included. This year there will also be an “After Dark” event geared more towards adults that will have an ~enchanted forest~. ChampBot signups have started. It’s still happening at Shelburne Farms – September 22.

·Chris: Final Reckless Ideas is coming up on May 30 – John Cohn.

·Al: At UVM an Environmental Studies conference is coming up, October 20-22 – Feverish World. It will have a series of tent-like structures that will feature various works. Deadline for tent proposals is June 30th.

Last month’s meeting minutes are approved unanimously after some bureaucratic duress (not related to the quality of the minutes).

·Jake: If you’ve seen those blue things, those are now installed and can be viewed at the airport. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me building those in the space and will be putting forth extra effort to clean up the spaces. It was a big community effort.

Member build update

·Steve: (shows off incredibly well-produced update to drone racing course member build) We were able to build 40 of the lighted square rings instead of 26. Power was a little difficult; in the future we’re thinking 6 rings per power source. As a reminder, this is the first indoor drone racing course in the United States.

Member build proposals

·Jim: Last year we got a member build grant to build the first parts of the Precious Plastics system for recycling plastic (notably, 3D printer plastic) into new products. We built the shredder and got it running. Now the shredder runs very well, and we want to focus on the second stage, which is an injection mold system. This is broken up into 3 stages: first, the shredded plastic which we have, then building the mold injector, then coming up with molds. Student: In terms of coming up with the mold design, we’ve gone through several iterations. We’re wanting to learn how to weld the pieces together and make this resource available to people at Generator. We might use the CNC router, use the welding shop, etc. This project will involve partnership with Big Picture South Burlington and get kids in a public high school participating in Generator activities. Ask is $288. Anticipated completion date of June 10.

oProposal passes unopposed.

·Sam: We are proposing a fine woodworking bench. The current bench doesn’t sit flat on the floor, the vises are inadequate, it’s too short, not flat, and full of holes and broken screws. The new one would have a stable base, a better, quick-release face, better size and height, a flat and true top, cabinet storage for hand tools, and would not be full of holes and broken screws. Featuring: head vice, tail vice, forged holdfast (spring clamp for oddly-shaped material). Wood will be bought from a local sawmill, help will be enlisted, and project will be coordinated with the new ops manager. With this build we would be able to attract more serious woodworkers, teach fine woodworking classes, etc. Cost comes in at $641.04, way lower than the cost of buying one. Projected finish date of this summer.

oProposal passes unopposed.

Maker-in-residence updates

·Lydia had an awesome sculpture featured at Waking Windows!!

·Lydia: Thank you for the support and knowledge; I received funding from the music festival but was able to use leftover funding from the residency as well to create it. Winooski will continue to host the sculpture, and I applied to feature it at Hub Week in Boston.

·Jenny: Finished maker-in-residence! Made a small organ that plays the sound of its own corrosion.

·Julia: Starting two-month maker-in-residence related to data privacy. Teacher at CCV, working in technology for many years. Data privacy and information security are still missing a lot of people. Trying to build and create a mix of things – visualization posters, guides, zines/booklets, playful 3D objects w/games. Help people take control of their information. I’m planning a big event (late summer/fall) as a “data detox” day open to the public, hopefully that will support some local artists to do installations related to the event.

Motion to adjourn; passes unanimously.

Minutes taken by Jennifer Bower

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