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-====Generator Member Meeting Agenda 3/13/2017 ====+====Generator Member Meeting Agenda ​and Minutes ​3/13/2017 ====
 Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout. Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.
 5:00PM Pizza/​Social (Please bring your own beverages/​sides) 5:00PM Pizza/​Social (Please bring your own beverages/​sides)
-Click link below for Google Hangout. ​ https://​​hangouts/​_/​calendar/​amVhbmFydDcwQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ.n1m7vnlvoo3o5d7ke81hsm86tg?​authuser=0+Click link below for Google Hangout. ​ https://​​hangouts/​_/​calendar/​amVhbmFydDcwQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ.n1m7vnlvoo3o5d7ke81hsm86tg?​authuser=0 ​\\  
 +5:30PM Meeting Starts \\   
  ​===Members sign in===  ​===Members sign in===
  ​===Ask for a member to take minutes===  ​===Ask for a member to take minutes===
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 Edward Burke, Resident Maker-Sharing\\ ​   Edward Burke, Resident Maker-Sharing\\ ​  
 MEMBER Brew Night- Design thinking strategizing for new moveable bike racks at the Generator?​\\ ​ MEMBER Brew Night- Design thinking strategizing for new moveable bike racks at the Generator?​\\ ​
 +**Minutes** \\  ​
 +Member Meeting Minutes 03/13/2017 \\  ​
 +Introductions \\
 +Member Sign In: Josh Thompson, Jean Cherouny, Robert Libbey, Bech Evans, Eric Hall, Steve Mermelstein,​ Matt Hogan, Ben Colbourn, Fred Einspruch, Pete Seymour, Devin Wilder, Brian Merrill, Jonathan Landell, Jon Bondy, Alan Larsen, Alex Constantino,​ Jody Brown, Martin Bock, Ryan Melshanker, William Woodard, Jim Wick, Knox Cummin, Chris Thompson, Adriana Lentrichia.\\  ​
 +Announcements (Matt Hogan) photo shoot is now on Friday March 17th from 11am-8pm
 +February Member Minutes: Motion to approve Ryan M, seconded Alex C. \\  ​
 +Jean: Check out the proposal page on the wiki 
 +Jean: Precious plastics update. Team is working to get the blades plasma cut.
 +Check out proposal page on the wiki, and submit via the google form:
 +Eric H: Adobe Licenses.Please don’t log out from creative cloud, also don’t use your own login either.
 +Steve M: Monthly show and tell photography. 4th Tues of every month. 6 photos to show and tell.
 +1st tuesday of every month drone meetup
 +Knox: proposal for making mop closet as a lockable restroom.
 +Ben: make shower handicap accessible lockable single restroom. ​
 +Martin: Switchable between depending on event/need
 +Webinar at 8pm. Getting sponsors for artist.
 +Jon: 3d printer meetup at generator. 7pm Monday 27th. Discussion about printer types.
 +Eric: world arduino day april 1st. Open to the public at generator 11am -5. Class 2-5 open to public.
 +Steve: at vermont teddy bear. Setting up a steam space for children, maker summer camp etc. Makerspace, 3-d printing, getting kids involved in S.T.E.A.M
 +12000 sq feet to start. Drone racing course. Aimed solely at education and school programs.will share a website with member thread.
 +Jon: resin printer. Let him know if you are interested in having things printed. Taking a course in lamp making at vermont woodworking school.
 +Jon landell: working to set up casting in jewelry studio. ​
 +Guest Section:
 +Andy: Working with Audio field recordings
 +Director of archives and research at the Vermont Folklife Center. Ethnographic research.Effort to try to understand an experience from the perspective of the person to whom the experience belongs. Works with teachers and students.
 +Physics of sound, Electronics of audio recording, how to apply recording.
 +Design a modular audio recorder students can build to use. Do members have ideas to help.
 +Richard Gleisch and Adrienne from Alliance Francaise (lake champlain region):
 +Powerpoint. ​
 +Global organisation,​ francophone focus. King street center. Partner with church street marketplace to welcome quebecois visitors. In the past they have had a tent. They would like to make a cart. 
 +Needs to be: visually attractive, light, mobile. ​
 +Looking for someone local to build. ​
 +Courtney R: Educator in residence, HS art teacher. Background in env. Sci and eng. “Full steam ahead” class. Working on developing curriculum, found it was hard to find a good candidate dog. Torn acl leg brace. Cast the leg of the dog. Students have worked on the braces for a while. Getting students to reach out to local businesses. Project is very interesting,​ and hard to gauge success. Because there is a real dog that can benefit from the result, students are very invested.
 +Jon and Ben (and Alex):
 +Structure scanner (works with an iPad)
 +Photos run through software
 +Working to automate the process. Using open source programs.
 +Making 3d models of objects (Helps to show off objects on the web)
 +Scanner will be accessible to members through Ben C and Alex S.
 +She introduced Edward Burke, our current Maker in Residence and showed video from open house of Edward playing his lagerphone with a fellow musician.
 +Edward will be in residence through March. He expressed his gratitude to the members and staff for their assistance. He gave a demonstration of the instruments that he built after the meeting.
 +Joanne Made motion to adjourn, Martin seconded.
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