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   * Aluminum (only for experienced users please)   * Aluminum (only for experienced users please)
-====== Maintenance ====== +__false__
- +
-Clean the machine by using a vacuum and broom on and around the machine. It is especially important to make sure that the vacuum table is clear of dust before turning the vacuum hold system on. Also please occasionally blow out the control cabinet with compressed air+
 ====== More Learning ====== ====== More Learning ======
   * [[https://​​products-page/​cnc-router/​kl-1212/​|AT KL1212 webpage]]   * [[https://​​products-page/​cnc-router/​kl-1212/​|AT KL1212 webpage]]
 +  * [[:​feeds_speeds_and_bits|Feeds,​ Speeds and Bits]]
 ====== Supporting Equipment ====== ====== Supporting Equipment ======
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