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Agenda for Monday 6/12/17 (meeting occur every second Monday every month) Member Facilitators:Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson

You can directly comment on this document by highlighting any part of this agenda or minutes to notify us or email or use the Generator Members Directory!directory

Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout. We will need pitching in for dessert for this meeting. It is longer so we need food.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides) Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab

5:30 Start Meeting

Member Introductions!- 5-8 min

Member Business-40 minutes

Announcements Think Vermont Video
Town Meeting Member Pre-Discussion: All Members voices here.
Decisions that impact the year ahead. Goals?
What is our 270 membership Celebrating, Networking, Member Conversations for 5 min.
Art Hop-
Time line: May 31st deadline has passed, June 16th sculpture deadline is soon.

-Executive Director Report- 10 min

-Membership Agreement Q&A Lead By Justin McCabe

Could we please clarify the meaning of the line on page 3, #12 Guests. “Anyone desiring to make use of our shared spaces must become a member of Generator.” Does this mean general members can't bring guests? (Studio members are allowed to bring guests into their studio space.)

-Proposals are due for Submission by June 1st
Project Updates
Solar Build-Josh and Ben 5min

Community Building- -

Outgoing Resident Artist-Stella Mars 20 min
Incoming Resident Artist- 20 min

Meeting Adjourns

Director’s report

  1. Budget approved by board.

Director’s report

Budget approved by board.
Total income $471 k.
Dues $140k, grants $81k, individual contributions $135k, education $46k. Individual contributions are from a variety of local people/corporations. Grant are from a number of foundations.
When Lars started the membership was about 80. Now 284.

Total expenses $448k. Personnel is biggest item at $250k. Rent is $54k.

Slight projected surplus, $23k.

We are not needing a line of credit.

There are a total of eight employees. Shop leads are included in this number. Three employees are full time, Lars, Karen, Beth.

Member rates:

New member rates are posted somewhere so not repeated here. (A family membership is an effort to get parents and kids in here. Includes married couples. Request from a member for a better definition.) No more Affiliate Membership; really wasn’t working very well. Fairly large jump in Studio Membership; feeling is that they have been undervalued. There is currently a waiting list for studios. Volunteer discount remains at $50. (Looking for more volunteer roles.) Company membership went to $3,000. (Question about whether rate could depend on company size. Stay tuned?) There is going to be a “sustaining circle” which will allow some form of participation without membership.

There are separate arrangements for colleges.

Will be open 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days. (3-month volunteers have 24/7 access.) Regular members are allowed to be here as long as a 24/7 member is present. Future: possible key card access to shops.

“Refreshers” are suggested but are free.

There soon will be a way to apply for scholarships.

Laboratory B.

Vermont’s first Hackerspace. Located downtown above Conant. Hope to rekindle relationship with Generator. Tends to be computer/electronics oriented. About 20 members. 3-D printer. Shared working thing on Fridays. Run several events. Open hours 7-9 Thursdays. All-volunteer operation. Further discussion are in order.

Lab B always active at various makerfaires. They have some kits which they give away.

Used to have a member exchange of some kind. Needs to be revisited.

They use Slack as a collaboration medium.

Justin McCabe

Willing to be a resource to answer things like contract, intellectual property, and so on. Initial consultation will always be free for members who need some legal guidance. Members are encouraged to contact him.

Regarding intellectual property/ the Membership Agreement: Generator not really able to protect your intellectual property. Generator employees/staff pledge not to reveal your secrets. Members also have agreed, by signing the Membership Agreement, not to share Generator confidential information or confidential information between members. One has to decide based on context whether information you are receiving confidential information. Really the discloser should identify information that is confidential, that’s the safest thing. Recommendation, read the Membership Agreement.

People have cameras, you should not leave secret stuff out. In general you should get permission before taking any pictures. Members can’t take pictures of people’s stuff without permission. Possibly some kind of standard form? Photos by permission only?

Approval of minutes of last meeting: will be handled at next meeting.


Showed picture of what got delivered at the Iberson (spelling??) Only soft thing in a very hard environment. Will be making another one; has hopefully learned from her experience. A fascinating experience. Was a pleasure to be a the Generator where lots of people were able to offer input.

Felt that not everyone at the Generator picks up after themselves in a perfect way. Hopes that a culture of better discipline can evolve regarding this issue.

Lars expressed happiness for the manner in which she used the space. Good energy and involvement.

Joshua Nye, next Maker in Residence for June/July.

All about robots. Showed various large corporation much metal devices, which seem to be battle characters.

His project will be be a PVC robot. Light and economical. PVC, aluminum flashing. Bowden cables for actuation. Pneumatic ankle suspension. Will be working on ergonomics and completion. PVC easy to repair. Foam padding to protect operator.

In the future will be working on a flying suit. Maybe in the future a powered suit.


Steve M. Now a consolidated form to sign up for all makerfaires. Found on our Googlegroup.

Jody is going to try to tackle organization of the “great hall.” Will welcome ideas. Lars interested in ideas for bins and other organizing tools.

Brattleboro will have Tiny House Festival in September. If interested contact Lars.

Steve M. video which he produced for the State. Highly interesting.

Lars: Rob Koier shot a number of videos of members. Will be coming on-line soon.

Josh: No member project submitted this month. Will start off in July at $1,000. Unused money from current FY will go back into general fund.

Josh: Solar cooker meetup on Saturdays. See Googlegroup.

Lars: Bike rack (your scribe unclear on this item.)

Lars: Echo is now a corporate member. Will have a “maker” exhibit later in the year.

Karen/Natalie: Good outside progress in the “vacant lot.” Working on a “moth cinema.” Moths casts shadows on a screen. Others will be able to participate in various ways.

Lucy: Stitch and Bitch went well. 15 people showed up to sew and talk with Bina 48, an AI entity. Pretty much any topic.

Adjournment at 7:40.

Next meeting will be “Town Hall” meeting in July.

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