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Jewelry Studio

Welcome to the Burlington City Arts (BCA) Laurie Peters Jewelry Studio. As a result of BCA's partnership with UVM and Generator, the BCA Laurie Peters Jewelry Studio features a wide variety of equipment. The studio has recently been enhanced with generous contributions from Generator. BCA is very proud of this partnership and offers a variety of intro and mixed level classes.

General Info

Area Manager: Becky Macomber
Hours: Same as Generator hours

Area Rules

  • Please keep the area clean! As a general rule, leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • Do not leave remnants of your projects behind.
  • Area specific rule.
  • Area specific rule.

Required Certification

Certification is required to use this area of Generator.

Jewelry Studio certification is handled on an individual basis and does not use our website for scheduling. Please contact the area manager directly (email above) to schedule one-on-one certification or reach out to Beth Robinson for assistance.

Note that certification requirements may be different in each area of Generator. Please refer to the “Required Certification” section within the area you are interested to review the requirements.


  • Link to area specific training here
  • Link to area specific training here
  • Also check our “Classes & Events” page online for additional one-time classes or special training events.

Available Tools

Tool Type Make / Model / Link Operational Status
Tool Type Make / Model ONLINE

Wiki Area ToDo

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Get Becky's Email
Figure out how Certification is done
Get inventory of tools

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