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Agenda for 01/09/2017: (highlight and area for commenting on the sidebar)

Member Meeting minutes & current agenda posted and available on-line prior to meeting

5:30PM Start Time Quorum- we do need to meet 10% of our total membership. This would be roughly 16-24 people for our current membership number of 171. Discussion of Quorum 5 minutes.

Recording Clerk: Jim Wick. Thanks Jim!

Introductions happened. Meeting notes from November 15 were approved with correction of a date.

Member Meeting Business Two Proposals have been submitted: Note that there is an established methodology for submitting/evaluating proposals. See link here. Start your project proposal conversation with our Members Community as soon as possible. Make sure you have 7 paper copies for the meeting night and a digital thread on the google group one week prior to meeting date.

$3524.88 was available before voting Precious Plastics- Planning to resubmit. Open source project for constructing small scale plastics recycling. Produces filament or granules for injection molding. Could be a good project for Jim’s high school students, who could be part of Generator. Students would not have lead roles. Would make system using open source plans. Videos available. Some $ from his school - $300 perhaps. Budget is $900 from Generator. Goal is free material and keeping stuff out of the landfill. Would become a Generator tool for members to use. (Training in use? Safety?) Relationship with someone like Casella or Burton as a source of “safe” material? Does new plastic have to be used? Fairly compact. Location at Generator? Storage of raw material at Generator? Filabot and Shrederbot are somewhat similar projects that might be some source of information. They will refine and resubmit the proposal. No vote on this project this month.

Jake Blend- Full-scale pinball prototype community build Wants to build full size modern pin-ball machine. Much simpler electronically than used to be. Owned and run by Generator. We could potentially be a manufacturer in some sense. (But we are a 501©3. Generator has no interest in operating any form of profit-making business.) Couple of months of planning before parts arrive. First phase $1,500 covers necessary supplies. Results in finished prototype. Could be additional expenses in the future. Free operation for members. Can operate with headphones, so local disturbance is not essential. Concerns expressed about whether product would nevertheless be disruptive to the Generator environment. Possibly could actually be located elsewhere. Definitely needs to be a committee of some sort to control project and respond to concerns. $1,500 allocated, subject to acceptable budget and further planning re a variety of concerns, one being where will it be housed in community or at Generator.

Edward Burke- Presented Lagerphone (Australian) and Jinglephone (Christmas creation) and Uglystick (Canadian). These are all usable with a rattlestick or drumstick. These are all conversation starters creative and accessible to all in their anatomy and construction. Their bright sounds and function and forms are intended to create conversation in the creative community here at the Generator and abroad. We wish you a great success in your ongoing maker in residence.

Paul Webster-Pact- Paul Presented a ⅓ scale cabinet for “computer space”, the first electronic arcade machine. He detailed his construction and talked about his plans to complete the project in February.

Jake Blend introduced the membership to the VR RiG which was just finished and set up under the nest camera(live feed camera) He talked about applications and games that might me be used by the membership. He asked everyone to keep an eye out for the usage and sign-up times that will be decided soon. Please get involved. People are using the 10’x10’ square taped off area for the user and the importance for using the lanyards on the controllers.


Karen- Posting info that pertains to booking the Learning Lab. It is Yellow on the member calendar and please remember to include her as an invitee for starters but she went over more details that are posted outside of Learning Lab.

Container Box Update-Sorry Pete Katz your agenda item got lost in the shuffle. We would love to hear on the thread PLEASE.

Tim Healey came to meeting and wanted small business owners to know that Vermont Health Connect has Open Enrollment happening now through January 31. Tim, Please feel free to add more info on our members thread.

Josh made made motion to adjourn and Daryl seconded it.

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