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Happy New Year!!! 2018!!!

Agenda For Member's Meeting

January 8th, 4-8 in Great Hall and Learning Lab

5:00 PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides)

Click link below for Google Hangout.

5:30 PM Meeting Call to Order Jean Cherouny and Jake Blend

Approve Minutes from December 11th Meeting

Generator Members Meeting Minutes
December 11th, 2017
Meeting Facilitator: Jake Blend
In attendance: Jake Blend, Chris Thompson, Steve Mermelstein, Grey Barreda, Jon Landell, Gary Shores, Cameron Jonas, Devin Wilder, Alex Constatino, Daryl Stultz, Karen Freeman, Ryan Melshenker, Nick D’Aquila, Al Larsen, Stella Marrs, Edward Burke.
Welcome: Jake called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Karen Freeman is taking minutes. Introductions were made and Jake invited the members to share updates. A range of member activities were mentioned including: 1/6 scale pinball machine, miniaturized lamps, photography for Vermont Railroad, CNC activity, tiny house construction, Generator programming, disability nonprofit work, ice axe dry tool handle, low-cost flute, fireplace andirons.
Directors Report: Chris Thompson reported on the robust idea exchange that happened during a recent visit to the Generator by reps from a makerspace in Troy, NY. The Troy facility has a co-working space, an idea that could increase day usage of the Generator. Potential collaboration with the Troy group on an organizational operating system. The Generator JumpStart entrepreneurial program received strong interest with 27 applications. The program will be offered again, so members should reapply if they are not selected for the initial cohort. There will be 6 lectures offered through this program, free and open to the public, beginning on January 11th. Also, a Generator speaker series “Reckless Ideas” is in the works to feature local makers with outrageous ideas, both high and low tech. The Somali Sewing training initiative in partnership with CVOEO will start in January. Also, a workshop/gathering at the Generator is being planned for this spring in conjunction with Vermont Works for Women. Goal is to bring together 100 women/girls (focus on ages 17+ and underemployed) as a networking/job fair event.
Board Members Announcements: Jake reminded the group to that any member concerns can be brought to him and the other member reps, there is also an on-line form that people can use.
Proposal Submissions and Updates: None were formally presented. Some of the members at the meeting plan to present proposals at the next meeting. Jake mentioned the adaptive reuse of decommissioned postal trucks as refrigerator units for farmers (others wondered about use of the trucks for mobile maker labs); Cameron talked about a vacuum press pump for the woodshop, that upgrade would expand capabilities into curved laminations, veneer and more. He also mentioned a project he is working on with Sam to get workbenches and vises for the woodshop.
Community Building Workshops, Volunteering: Ryan mentioned the Family Room playground project in the old North End. This non-profit organization supports low income families and New Americans, and unfortunately their funding has been lost. They are looking for community engagement to help design and build a playground that is creative and uses natural materials. There is a Google group if people want to get involved, he will send a link. Jake mentioned the new metal conduit for the laser exhaust system; also the VR headset has a new and improved strap. He is working on a workshop offering that involves sculpting with VR and interfaces with the 3-D printer; currently in beta testing. Steve let the group know about an open house at VTSteamspace at Vermont Teddy Bear this Saturday 1-3pm. Sign up for the free event is through Eventbrite, there will be drone demos, sewing activities, scribblebot making and more. Ryan reported that supplies are coming in over the next couple of weeks for the forge and foundry areas. Cam is working with Kyle Larner on picture framing; the group expressed interest in a picture framing class offering at the Generator. Karen put a call out for sewing machines donations (or low cost) for use in the upcoming Somali sewing training initiative.
Out Going Maker in Residence: Devin will stay in this role until January.
Incoming Maker in Residence: Lydia will come on as the M-i-R in January.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

5:35 PM Introductions

5:45 PM Directors Report Chris Thompson

5:55 PM Proposals

6:05 PM Updates

6:15 PM Board and Board Representative Updates

6:25 PM Announcements

6:35 PM A-I-R

Devin Going Out

Edward in January

Adourn @ 7:30

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