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How To Create New Tools

It is very important for consistency of the site to use the following instructions when creating new tools.

Creating A New Tool

Navigate to the Tool Inventory page and find the area that your tool belongs in.
Click the small edit button on the bottom right corner under the last tool in the area.
Copy the last line of text shown, and paste it as a new line. Edit the text to match the tool you are adding.
Now save the page.
Scroll down until you find the new tool you have added.
You should see a red dotted link under the tool. This indicates a page has not been created for it yet. Click the link.
Now you will see a notification that a page has not been created yet. Click the button to create the page.
Open the New Tool Template in another browser window.
Click the “Edit this page” pencil shown to your right.
Right click anywhere inside the text editing area, and choose “Select All”
Right click once again and copy the text to your clipboard.
Now go back to the original page you created and paste in the tool template “code”
Edit the wiki code as needed to provide details for the new tool. If adding a photo for the tool, image width should be approximately 350px. Please use clean and clear photos only.


Every tool should have an image for easy visual identification. When creating images, please follow these guidelines:

  • The image width should be 350px
  • The filename should be a clear and full description of the item, all lower case with no spaces or hyphens (underscore is fine). This should ideally match the name displayed on the Tools Inventory page.
  • Format should be JPG, high quality with a white background
  • Please use a good quality image (not blurry, too small, etc.). If the image you have is already less than 350px, either scale it up or find a better one.
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