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Global Specialities Prototype Board PB-203A

The Global Specialties PB-203a +15V/-15V capable of 500mA Powered Proto-Board Systems combine a breadboard and power supply into one convenient package.


  • Current limited short-circuit proof power supplies
  • Up to 24 14-pin DIP capacity
  • +15V/-15V capable of 500mA
  • All units include 5VDC, 1 AMP power supply
  • Includes three QT-59S Quick Test socket strips; four QT-59B Quick Test bus strips; one QT-47B QuickTest bus strip
  • Combines utility of a ProtoBoard with highly capable regulated DC power supplies
  • 5VDC, 1 Amp power supply
  • Separate +5.5‹18VDC/-5.5‹18VDC power supplies capable of 500mA @ 15VDC.
  • Factory pre-set power to ±15VDC
  • Voltages independently adjustable with internal screwdriver adjustment

General Info

Make: Global Specialties
Model: PB-203A
Serial: Multiple
Manual: Manual
Datasheet: Datasheet


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