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Generator Staff

Chris Thompson: Executive Director

Chris is a founding board member of Generator with over twenty years of experience in corporate technology management and ten years in non-profit institutions focused on the intersection of art and technology. Chris is also a lifelong Maker.

As the founder and Director of the Champlain College Art Gallery he has staged over fifty exhibitions. Chris has taught Professional Practices for Artists and other courses at Champlain since 2013. Prior to coming to Champlain College, Chris was the curator of the BCA Center in Burlington Vermont where he staged over thirty exhibitions in five years and was awarded a 2008-09 Andy Warhol Foundation grant. Chris’s artwork, inspired by data-visualization, complex systems theory, neuroscience and artificial intelligence algorithms has been featured in exhibitions, publications and lectures. Chris has served as a Lecturer in Digital Art at the University of Vermont, and as Visiting Artist at the Vermont Studio Center. He has received artist grants from the National Endowment for the Arts/Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Community Foundation. Chris is a twenty-two year resident of Burlington’s South End neighborhood and serves on the board of SEABA—the South End Arts and Business Association.

Before becoming an artist Chris spent over twenty years in corporate technology management, including six years as Chief Technology Officer for Gardner’s Supply Corporation, overseeing its $30 million/year e-commerce business and seven years as Director of Advanced Technology for Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, creators of the Burton and Xbox brands. Chris is a 2014 graduate of the Champlain College MFA in Emergent Media

Contact Chris:

Beth Robinson: Director of Membership and Administration

Beth ensures the organization runs smoothly. As the Director of Administration, she is responsible for the financial and administrative side of the business. As the Director of Membership, she is responsible for volunteer scheduling and training, member on-boarding, coordination, and communication. When Beth isn’t at Generator she is in her studio making fine art dolls. Check out her work at Strange Dolls (

Contact Beth:

Ryan Melshenker: Shop Operations Manager

melshenker_ryan-170317_generator-2308_600px-225x300.jpgRyan specializes in a wide range of skills that he developed from independent contracting and technician work. He is wicked smart in all things welding, casting, plasma cutting, and fabrication. His skills also extend into the kitchen when it comes to cookie making! Reach out to Ryan with any of your shop operations questions.

Contact Ryan

Annika Rundberg: Communications Coordinator

Annika can connect you with the right member or staff. When she isn’t pushing things out through Generator’s media, she is taking photos or video and designing things for Generator. She has 2 years under her belt as a laser cutting technician. She has a BFA in metalsmithing, a practicing jeweler, an avid maker, and an all around addict to creative outlets.

Contact Annika:

Sarah is a seasoned jeweler and created Generator’s first independent jewelry shop and program. She is currently recruiting leading instructors that are experts in their field to provide small classes that are perfect for hands-on learning at Generator.

Interested in teaching opportunities? Contact Sarah:
Rachel is one spunky lady and can help you with creative ways to partner up with Generator.

Contact Rachel

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