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Generator Member Meeting Agenda 2/13/2017

Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides) Click link below for Google Hangout.

Welcome and Member Introduction

Director’s Report
Member Meeting Business

Proposals Update
Precious Plastics Proposal:
Members Welcome to submit at Meeting
Survey Results

Community Building

MEMBER SHARE NIGHT- Open forum Style, Bring any ideas of new projects.
See you soon!

Generator Member Meeting Minutes 2/13/2017

Members present: Lars Torres, Josh Thompson, Jean Cherouny, Alex Constentino,Jim Shields, Alix Klein, Peter, Lumholt, Jon Bondy ,Martain Bock, Ben Colbourn, Even Greenwald, Eric Hall, Fred Einsppruch, Broook Martinis, Kyle Werner, Daryl Stultz, Nikolas Kotovich, Jake Blend, Brian Merrill, Jonathon Landell, Paul Webster-Pact, Alden Clemmants, Samuel Shuster. Guest: Kevin Winter from Kalow Technology Kalow Tech Information

Member Intros

Lars Directors Report Member Suspension: For allowing guest to use equipment . You must be a member and be trained to use equipment.

Daryl and Lars have organized First Annual VCET Tech Lab Ping Pong Tournament. This is a singles tournament, probably around March Madness. We have 30 days to train! We will meet Sunday afternoons at 3pm.

We do not have a head operations position, we have shop leads. Eric (IT) Ryan (Wood Shop) Melanie (Metal Shop) Leisa (Electronics) Sara (Jewelry) Community (Rapid Prototyping) If you have an interest in an area please reach out to the area lead.

VOSHA Complaint for 4 Citations- Covers Mishandeling of a gas tank (upright but not secured with a chain). Lack of explosion proof electrical outlets in the wood shop. Hazards Communication: Metal Shop Welding Materials Safety Sheet was not visibly displayed Hazard Communication plan needed

New hazards communications plan will come out soon and be filed with OSHA in 45 days.

With a well implemented cleaning process we will be eligible for a waiver regarding explosion proof outlets. Ryan M is working on this cleaning schedule for the wood shop.

600 cfm capacity air handling limits our use of the “Paint Room”. Currently it is for storage only. To outfit it for sprayed paint would cost about $15- $20 thousand dollars. This is not currently in the budget. We welcome conversation about whether this is a member priority, and what some creative solutions would be.

Jean announced that we will look at and vote on Precious Plastics Proposal.

Jim and Alix presented. The project is about taking materials out of the waste stream. Started with a conversation between Alix and Jim last summer. A student, Peter, will be a senior participant for his senior project. Others BHS Students will join the project as their interest gathers.

Shredder is being made first: needs major blade that can be made or contracted out: Then a 2 HP 70 RPM motor that may be found or donated is what they are looking for. Then Injector,making 3D printed game board pieces, phone, ski pieces. ? How big would the molds be? 6”x 6”, Aluminum,

UVM collaborators/ Engineers Daryl: Blades made of steel on a plasma cutter. Hazelet

Martin- At Injector stage will it be vented? Jim- It would be used outside.

That is how we are trying to answer the question. Not fully answered. Still pie in the sky kinda use of this kind of project. How are the students going to make the molds.

Does this have community interest and committed members

Peter (BPL student): Spoke about how students get the benefits of having projects. It will increase their creativity. It will help develop future makers.

The Vote : The Precious Plastics proposal was approved by a vote by the membership. The vote was all in favor, and we had enough members for a quorum.

Joanne Kalisz: Interested in getting help to build a mobile market table/trailer. She has hung a poster with some of her specifications. She has also started a thread in the google group.

Eric: Electronics Lab needs to be utilized more! Gary and Leisa have drop in hours Jean: What about Soup Thursdays? Daryl: 3 Pm Ping Pong practice on Sundays

Paul, Eric(IT) and Josh will work to set up PCs outside of the learning lab.

White board Community board space- One going up in electronics lab. Where else do we want one? Do we want a physical community bulletin board?

Evan: How do I suggest putting up a rotating gallery of member work on the walls? What is the process? Jean: Talk to staff about what areas are available/appropriate for this use. Get the conversation started on a google group thread.

The plasma cutter is not yet set up. Some parts are here but we are still waiting on others. Please put out an update on the google group.

Josh: We have had a survey. The survey results do not indicate a clear desire to change the meeting day. We are deciding to keep meeting on the second Monday of the month.

Daryl: wants to look more into the times and Dates. He suggested alternating the day of the week to be more inclusive.

Josh: Will post a new survey about meeting time. It will be left open for the month. For the survey about meeting time, leave it open for a month to have a broader conversation.

Kevin Winter: From Kalow was here to tell about help building machines with any of our members. He has fun working with people. There are some benefits too.

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