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 +July 9th Member Meeting- Please feel free to contact if you want to add agenda spesifics.
 +5:00 Food in Great Hall Please Suggest or request to Steve Mermelstein or Jean Cherouny. We'll figure it out.
-**February 12th 2018 Members Meeting**+5:30 Call to Order by Jake Blend. Minutes Recorded if Karen Freeman can join. We will get it done.
-**5:00 PM** Pizza and BYB in Community Hall+5:35 Approve Minutes From June 11th Meeting
-**5:30 PM** Meeting Call to Order and Attendance in Generator Learning Lab+5:40 Member or Member Guest Introduction
-**Approve Minutes:**+5:55 New Business
-Generator Members Meeting+Nominate Member Representatives to the 2018-19 Board. Three Spots are available. People will have a few minutes to share their interest and hopes then we will vote.
-Minutes January 8th, 2018+Announcements
-Meeting FacilitatorJean Cherouny+6:15 Old Business
-In attendance: Jean Cherouny, Jake Blend, Chris Thompson, Steve Mermelstein,​ Grey Barreda Jody Brown, Jon Landell, Cameron Jonas, Thomas Waters, Alex Constantino,​ Dan Harvey, Lydia Kern, Daryl Stultz, Jim Shields, Karen Freeman, Leisa Fearing, Steve Conant, Devin Wilder, Dana Brown, Lucie deLaBruere+Adjourn
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