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GW Digital Multimeter GDM-8145

It is equipped with 4 1/2 digits, and a 0.5“ LED display in a distinctive red color. Measurement items include DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current with true RMS, Resistance and Diode Test. The true RMS AC and AC+DC response give accurate measurements for equivalent DC energy regardless of the waveform shape. Small voltage offsets are canceled by the auto-zero circuit, and protection mechanisms are available for the entire measurement range.

General Info

Make: GW Instek
Model: GDM-8145
Serial: Serial
Manual: User Manual
Photo: gdb8145.jpg



No Maintenance Required for this tool. See Shop Lead if probes become cracked or otherwise compromised.

More Learning

Equipment Status

For availability and current status of this equipment, please see Tools Inventory, or the parent area under which this tool is maintained.

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