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Agenda Members Meeting December 11th

Member Facilitators:Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson and Jake Blend Jean: Order/Deliver Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout. 4:00-8:00- Community projects can be shared on two tables in Great Hall for great discussion. 5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please Bring Your Own Beverages) Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees. 5:30- Learning Lab Sign in on Clipboard

5:35- Approve Nov 13th Meeting Minutes

5:40- Introductions

5:55 Directors Report-Chris Thompson

6:05 Board Members Announcements

6:10- Proposal Submissions and Updates

6:20- Community Building Workshops, Volunteering and more. Let’s hear how things have been going at Generator!

6:45-7:15 Out Going Maker in Residence

7:15-8:00 Incoming Maker in Residence Adjourn.

Generator Members Meeting Minutes November 13th, 2017 Meeting Facilitators: Jean Cherouny and Jake Blend In attendance: Jean Cherouny, Jake Blend, Chris Thompson, Steve Mermelstein, Grey Barreda Jonathon Landell, Cameron Jonas, Alex Constantino, Brian Merrill, Ezra Ranz-Schleifer, Daryl Stultz, Jim Shields, Karen Freeman, Leisa Fearing, Ryan Melshenker Welcome: Jean Cherouny called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Karen Freeman is taking minutes.

Introductions were made and Jean invited the members to share updates on their work or anything they wanted to share. Jean noted that she's been applying for art jobs and her participation as an active Generator participant has helped her prepare for that process. Steve showed slides from the visit to the Rutland maker space including a 3-D printer enclosure, moveable tables, clothes pin notepads on all equipment for folks to flag maintenance needs and “training and certified required” signs on the equipment. He also noted that the space is unstaffed and self-regulated. Ezra mentioned that he's doing two more workshops in the next week for team base rapid prototyping, and that youth and adults can participate. Karen mentioned a Somali sewing training initiative led by Rachel Hooper, Generator Director of Community Outreach. It is a partnership with the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity to increase sewing and business skills and opportunities for Somali women and girls living in Burlington and Winooski. Minutes from October 9, 2017 – Daryl pointed out that Jim Shields reported on Precious Plastics, not himself.

Directors Report -Chris Thompson highlighted a number of Generator outreach activities, including the Somali initiative. He mentioned that the Generator has a goal of increasing participation by girls and women from the current 32% to 40%, and in involving 30 new Americans and people of color with Generator programming. There was a summit last week with the heads of several organizations working in this area to discuss issues, what's needed, and how to increase opportunities for engagement. Chris mentioned the recent “saw stop” incident, noting that the safety mechanism on the saw worked and prevented an accident from occurring. He also reported that the UVM safety inspector was at the Generator recently and gave a glowing review of our safety protocols. There was a discussion about the need to reinforce a “culture of safety” at the Generator, reminding people about wearing protective eyewear, making sure there are enough pairs (including those that go over regular glasses) where they are needed and including this as part of the volunteer checklist. Another safety reminder was the need to follow the “buddy system” in the shop areas and with hand tools, i.e. no solo operation. Thanks to Brian and Jake for fixing the laser cutter generator. An associated topic of guests: yes they can come while you're working, but they need to be with you. Chris reported that Sarah Sprague, Generator Director of Education, is reviewing the structure and fees for classes with the goal of having fewer - but more full classes - so the prices can be lower and we can have longer classes with more time for participants to experiment and do projects. There will be a holiday market on December 11th at the Generator in partnership with SEBA. Non-members can rent table space and there will be a potluck. On December 4th the Old Spokes folks will lead a bike winterizing workshop at the Generator.

Chris described a new Generator entrepreneur-in-residence program, a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and LaunchVT. This “ideation” opportunity will expand the maker ecosystem beyond incubator and accelerator. Makers who have a prototype that meets minimum viable product standards and a basic business plan can apply for a spot. The 4 chosen will get 24/7 Generator access, a $1,000 stipend, 1-on-1mentoring in topics including refining their business model, IP, branding and venture-capital. Chris is raising philanthropic dollars for this initiative and the on-line applications are due December 8th. Michael Venezaile, the Generator’s IT intern was introduced and thanked. He told the group that he is helping with a number of tasks including getting the new workstations assembled and operating, making it possible for all members to have separate accounts on the systems and turning the old computers into mobile work stations. Board Member Announcements - Jean reminded the group that she and Jake, as the member reps to the Generator Board, are here to bring any concerns to the board. Chris pointed out that concerns/complaints can be filed online, but he welcomed and encouraged people to talk to him directly.

Proposal Updates - Daryl gave an update on the pelletized wax project, described the evolution in the wax heater equipment and possible solutions to collect the chips and waste. Jean noted the potential application of this technology in jewelry making. Jim gave an update on Precious Plastics: the shredder is working great, students added a plexiglass hopper, and they brought it to the Youth Environment Summit. He thanked Ryan for helping make the structure solid and stable, and Cameron, Gary and Lisa for their help. The injector is at the Generator, and he encouraged members to try it and give feedback. With the $700 from the Generator and $700 from CSWD the project has had success.

Community Building - Ryan gave a update on the metal shop, the burner is coming in a couple of days and the forge set up will happen soon. Leisa reported she's working on a quick test-out process for certification process in the electrical area for members who have already had experience. Adjourn Motion to adjourn made by Daryl S., seconded by Alex C. Vote passed to adjourn at 6:40 pm.

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