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BK Precision 4 MHz Function Generator

Model 4001A is a 4 MHz sweep function generator. The sweep function offers linear
or log sweep with variable sweep rates and widths.

  • Generates Sine, Triangle, and Square waveforms from 0.5 Hz to 4 MHz
  • Generates Ramp and ±Pulse waveforms from 0.5 Hz to 3.5 MHz
  • 20 Vpp output into open circuit (10 Vpp into 50Ω)
  • Lin or Log Sweep Function
  • TTL output
  • Adjustable ±10 V DC offset
  • Variable amplitude output plus 20 dB attenuator
  • Kensington security slot
  • cUL approved

General Info

Make:BK Precision 4 MHz Function Generator
Manual:Manual Datasheet
Photo:<Insert Photo>


Before applying power to unit, make sure that input voltage setting is correct and the ventilation holes are not blocked. Ensure that ventilation fan is working well. It is necessary to inspect the generated signal with an oscilloscope before connecting it to any electronic circuit. Hence use of oscilloscope is mentioned in the procedure. Turn on the instrument with POWER SWITCH provided on the front panel. The display shows the reading as per present settings.


  1. Select the type of waveform required by FUNCTION SELECTOR SWITCH.
  2. Select the range of frequency by FREQUENCY RANGE SELECTOR SWITCH.
  3. Connect MAIN output signal to Channel 1 of oscilloscope and SYNC output signal to Channel 2 of oscilloscope. Set the trigger source of oscilloscope at Channel 2.
  4. Set the frequency of the signal by adjustment knob. The display shows the frequency reading of signal.
  5. Adjust the amplitude of the signal by AMPLITUDE KNOB. Pull the knob if the signal is to be attenuated 10 times.
  6. Set the DC offset of signal by DC OFFSET knob to required level (-10 V to +10 V).
  7. Check the impedance of the load before connecting (50 W max.).


  1. Connect MAIN output to Channel 1 of oscilloscope and SWEEP output to Channel 2.
  2. Channel 2 displays linear sawtooth waveform. SWEEP output is available regardless of SWEEP ON switch. If SWEEP WIDTH knob is pulled, then log sweep will be available.
  3. Adjust the sweep rate by SWEEP RATE knob (adjustable from 5 s to 10 ms).
  4. Adjust the starting frequency as explained in 5.1.
  5. Pull the SWEEP RATE knob to turn sweep mode ON.
  6. Channel 1 will display sweep wave.
  7. Adjust the sweep width using the SWEEP WIDTH knob (1:1 to 1:100).


Calibration & Repair Cost Estimation

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  • Never place heavy objects on the instrument.
  • Never place a hot soldering iron on or near the instrument.
  • Never insert wires, pins, or other metal objects into ventilation fan.
  • Never move or pull the instrument with power cord or output lead. More importantly, never move instrument when power cord or output lead is connected.
  • Do not obstruct the ventilation holes in the rear panel as this will increase the internal temperature.
  • Do not operate the instrument with the cover removed unless you are a qualified service technician.
  • Clean and check the calibration of the instrument on a regular basis to keep the instrument looking nice and working well.
  • Remove any dirt, dust, and grime whenever they become noticeable on the outside cover with a soft cloth, moistened with a mild cleaning solution.


If the fuse blows, the LED will not light and the instrument will not operate. Replace only with the correct value fuse. The fuse is located on the rear panel adjacent to the power cord receptacle. Remove the fuse holder assembly as follows: 1. Unplug the power cord from rear of the instrument. 2. Insert a small screwdriver in fuse holder slot (located between fuse holder and receptacle). When reinstalling fuse holder, be sure that the fuse is installed so that the correct line voltage is selected.

More Learning

B&K Precision offers the “Guidebook to Function Generators” both online and as a download. It describes numerous applications for this instrument, including hook-up details. It also includes a glossary of function generator terminology and an explanation of function generator circuit operation.

Supporting Equipment

Tool Type Make / Model / Link
Support Tools Model CC-21 / Standard BNC to Alligator clips test leads
Model TLFG / Function Generator Test Leads Set

Equipment Status

For availability and current status of this equipment, please see Tools Inventory, or the parent area under which this tool is maintained.

Primary Consumables

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