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Generator Member Minutes

Monday, August 13

Call to Order 5:30 PM

– – Introductions:

jake blend



al larsen







– – Directors update:

Chris - Arthop! Stone cutters bar, crazy stuff, tons of stuff. Anyone who is not participating yet should -

Dog - *enters room, meeting pauses *

Chris - Last call for arthop, lots of posters, lots of advertising. Arthop is a great way for people to get to know us …. we're really making it big this year.

On champlain college -

1) Flex Space - Within the next few months a 3000 sq ft expansion to Generator will be introduced [that will be shared between generator and champlain] …. whoever at champlain wants to use the space will determine what it will become. Lots of space for larger events and speakers. Working with Champlain to make a card system [for the whole building] .

2) Makerlab - Provost proposed that the Champlain Makerlab will be merged with Generator. A petition by concerned students has emerged raising questions about the implementation of this change…. [students are worried]

What this means for us - There will be an influx of Champlain students in the space, Champlain staff working within the space to provide assistance to students, more classes, etc. We will also receive tools that previously belonged to the makerlab, such as the laser cutter -

*murmurs, light clapping *

Dog - *Bark*

Chris - Memberships are doing great. Working on a lot of grants …

The volunteer program is something we are trying to figure out. The program is really what makes generator work, but we will start to have a lot of work study students joining us as well. The idea was that by changing the name [of volunteers] to scholarships, it will be much more easier to raise money through our outreach program …

… There will be an application system that matches people to positions that fit their skill sets -

Gene - Does this mean there will be a cross-pollination between Champlain, saint Michael's [and generator members] ….

Chris - There will be a lot more work study folks here … we're figuring out new ways that [high schoolers will use the space as well] ….. design lab for teenagers, spark which is just for girls, a whole program that involves that. Jump start is looking to launch new cohorts … students and summer programs.

– – General Announcement:

Steve - Just a reminder that this is the last week we can apply to be part of the maker faire . . .

Chris - Oh that reminds me: Roadpitch: Normally roadpitch is something you have to apply for … [roadpitch desc] … we get 2 spots automatically for this event ….If you're interested email me [ ] The winner of which will go on to the competition held at Champlain College. Jake and Pete …. mixed reality …

Jake - I did this before … it's kind of amazing … if you have an idea, you can get up their and pitch to people that provide really great feedback and possibly investors …. even though I didn't win, the contact and feedback was worth way more than the prize money. I encourage anyone to apply. Leif! I


Jake - Okay, uh redact that!

Chris - Also, we're hiring two positions, one is an Americorps position and another is an Outreach position. …. both are 20 hours a week, but one is an Americorps position. The outreach position will …

Ken - About the maker faire, there's a night portion as well …. illuminated night portion … there's also this kind of …. rave thing happening… yeah yeah … bioluminescence … projection mapping…

Chris - If they're giving you a free table, just do it! it's kind of ridiculous.

Jake - Do the day tables roll over into the night tables?

Steve - it's kind of up to you. If you sign up for both you'll be inside.

Gene - [ABOUT CHANGE THE STORY] I've been in and out, and I wish I was here more …. I realize that I had a change in my viewpoint and perspective when I went to that meeting. You have to be a force …. I was really shocked when I observed the way I interacted in groups. It is much broader and implicit than what we usually know.

Chris - yeah its really amazing …. if you'd wanna run an event here …

Gene - Next Sunday night I'd love to invite you to … I'm working on a new [Rollerblade painting event, description] I guess I'm just trying to fabricate new ways of expression …

[scheduling discourse]

Jake - Moving on! Next month, town hall meeting. We will be elected members representatives to the board.

[Member representative description]

Dog - Sniff Sniff. *sneaks into learning lab, escorted out by leif*

Al - *wanders off*

Jake - Walls are too Bare! we need posters.

Gene - Did it say that member representatives should be current members?

Chris - …. it would be awkward if they weren't -

Jake - I'm gonna leave that loophole wide open just to see if we suck that much -

[ clamor, ruckus ]

Chris - Let us know if there is anything we should consider for the town-hall meeti -

[flurry of suggestions]

Gene - …. so the staff takes care of setup …

Jake - Yeah, Beth's been out … trying not to put too much on her plate … we'll figure it out by the end of the month …. including interest in being member representatives.

Gene - Will there be a party after …. if it would be cool to have sharing groups after …. Is it done once we're finished with the voting and ….

Jake - I need to figure out what a town hall meeting is -

[Jake reads search result for town hall]

??? - When is it?!

Jake and Chris - It's September 10

Jake -

Town hall meetings, also referred to as town halls or town hall forums, are a way for local and national politicians to meet with their constituents, either to hear from them on topics of interest or to discuss specific upcoming legislation or regulation.

Dog 2 - *Bark* *Bark* …. *Bark*… *Bark*… *BarkBarkBark*…*Bark*

Jake - …. Possible organization committee. All good?

[all is good]


Leif: the last project hit most of goals, but the final goal …. make it simple enough for kids to build …. last one was not so much musical as much as what CAN we do …. interesting but not musical… too large to build …. most important piece was NOT ENOUGH BLINKING LIGHTS


What I propose is a

6x6x24in case

a lot more things to make better noise.

Sequencer, analog drum kick,

Good bass sounds, good kick sounds, good hi hat

Analog model of TR 808

8 bit lofi visual drums,

two analog percussion modules - staccato in nature

four arduino based synth that … in the middle of your performance, that can be patched on the fly

Clock generator

2 different mixers - one is for the drums …. another is a stereo mixer ….. lets you place sound …

reverb unit

Sampling machine

7 arduino nanos,

2 [unclear]

Around $270 once the boards are made.

[ Al wanders back]

Leif - reduced depth in the new case, basically squash things. another major goal is that EVERYTHING is now open source. All are either …. that I've created or created already.

I'm asking for 450 Dollars of member money. I'm going to be performing at art hop.

[Jake claps loudly ]

Jake - Pete! Why aren't you clapping?

[ keyboard noises ]

Leif - The Goal is to have this ready for spark, which is early October.

Chris- The high school kids who have been identified as music nuts will be thrilled if we can sneak this in on them …. Not many people have done this before …

Leif - A Lot of makerspaces have a common place where people will have access to a open source creations …. github …. if you put the code up there the geeks will come ….. raise awareness online for Generator as a whole. …. YES any questions

Steve - Motion to support this bill

Chis - I second that

Jake - Can I second that? Am I allowed to -

Darryl - Is there still the official system for submitting these member proposals -

Jake - Yes, and he submitted them officially [ through the official thing ] official … official …. Do you all [read: y'all] think that this should be my role to create buzz about these things - I'm for more posters honestly -

[Laughter, clamor]

Gene - Kickstarter? I think Kickstarter ….

[misc discourse]

Gene - …. Community focused projects are always …. Has this money already been given. I'm shocked because I thought the whole process was more straightforward -

Leif - Finding the steps in a clear and concise way is not happening right now .. it may be better for the cohesion of the entire membership … the meeting and the voting on things - Nobody knew that I was coming here today

Gene - I Think we should vote on this !

[Voting noises]

Jake - How about - Request for membership proposals on the week after the meetings.

Gene - if it's in danger of not passing -


Al - Just an announcement at the meeting -

Jake - stuff just gets buried. Everyone gets so many emails that its very hard to find. We need posters -

Leif - you're complicating this a little. There is a requirement … you don't have to be the person to generate a lot of hype.

Gene - So lief lets say [example] how do I excite other people? Who is responsible for generating that interest.

Lief - I don't think that's what I'm saying.

Gene - I've come to the sense that that's always the way its been done …. Well I'm sure it will be noted in Minutes that …

Jake - I think there's been a lot noted in minutes -

Gene - [unclear]

Jake - ALL IN FAVOR of supporting liefs proposal?

* Proposal passes unanimously *

[Al returns]

Al - Wait I didn't get to vote.

Jake - well, that looks like the end -

Steve - I want to submit another request. We talked about it - I just wanted to give an update on the drone course

*video plays, loud techno music blares*

So we've been on local television …. and national television …. today show …. I've lost count of the newspapers. Everyday I have more interview requests and its …. thank you for your help and support.

Chris - And it was a member build, am I right? BRAVO


Steve - One of the things we learned through this process is that the power system we initially envisioned is that the power system that we are using is not ….

We want to have our own power system that will be compliant with everything, also we want one that will be portable so that we can take it on the road … makerfaire ….

Asking for additional obstacles ….

Jake - Discodohedran.

Steve - I came up with a very similar idea [presents very similar idea] that's included in this. We will make two of this octagon shaped obstacles ….[presents budget proposal]

Chris - [ Budget is less that ]

Steve - A couple meetings ago we were ensured that the money would continue -

??? - We ensured that support would continue, not necessarily the same budget.

Jake - We have 50 dollars to vote on. it's not a 50 dollar project so … present it next time at the town hall?

Gene - do you want to make that decision alone or do you have time -

Steve - would it be possible to allocate future months for this project? We need to do this …. so we don't run into potential problems with fire code violation ….

Jake - that might be an Elliot question. I don't know if that's fair for anyone who wants to do builds in the future …. that's maybe a different question that can’t be answered right this minute. What do you think you'd have to do to get it compliant as it is?

Steve - uh, we could, let me see ….

Jake - What do you think it would cost to keep it as it is, sorry to put you on the spot

Steve - no no, I appreciate it … so it would actually be, uh, let me get my calculator … $231.54 to get the stuff we need to …. solve the problem.

Jake - that's way easier to manage than ….

Jake - I would uh motion.

Steve - I think it would be pretty embarrassing if we couldn't keep it up [ considering its draw] . if you wanna use it a number of times you have to be a member, if you wanna ….. it's about uh, four, generator members who use it in addition to me.

Lief - Do you have an approximate size for the octagon shape?

Steve - its going to be 24 inches long and ….. I'll etch generator on the side. I've had three members, in addition to me working on it and … there's …..

So for $232 I propose to bring it up to code …. I didn't know that it was getting generator into trouble ….

Call to vote on the vote to vote?

Steve made the motion?

*discussion about the motion*

Jake - all in favor AYE

• most is in favor *

Jake - All in favor of ending the meeting?

• All is in favor *

Meeting ends - 6:57 PM

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