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Generator Member Meeting Agenda and Minutes 4/10/2017 Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, chairs, Google hangout.
5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides) Click link below for Google Hangout .

5:30PM Meeting Starts
Members sign in on clipboard please.
Ask for a member to take minutes,
Welcome and Member Introduction. Share a bit about yourself.
Director’s Report
Member Meeting Business
Fund Development Report?
Everyone is an ambassador
Proposal Requests.
Community Building
6:30-7:00 and 7:00-7:30
Incoming and Outgoing Maker in Residence


Generator Member Meeting Minutes 04/10/2017

Member Sign In: Kira Park,Chris Braun,Jean Cherouny,Jim Wick,Ryan Melshenker, William Woodard,Ben Colbourn, Steve Mermelstein,Kyle Werner, Ethan Goldman,Jackson Ode,Andrew Giroux,Mark A. Sherwin, Daryl Stultz,Robert Libby,Jon Laudell,Lisa M. Nadinh,Jon Bondy, Stella Marrs,Leisa Fearing, Brian Merrill,Alan Larsen, Martin Bock,Edward Burke,Jim Shields, Andre Bertmann

Lars’ director report (not happening?)

Google Group operations, daily updates and discussions

Precious Plastics project update, moving forward

Water filter project, looking for part/adaptor - If you see something that needs work, take it on!

Member announcements

Edward’s percussion sticks are on display. He said handle the ones on the stand and play with care. Ethan: design for energy monitoring. Quote from electrician, $10K, still need some funding. See Ethan with ideas for what equipment to monitor.

Stitch and Bitch, women and non-binary, every week? History of textiles this week.

Plasma cutter, found someone to help with setup and install.

Jewelry center needs more storage, ReStore has a storage unit available.

CNC wood router safety work has been moving forward slowly, still unsafe.

STEAM group meeting?

Robo Raptors FIRST World Competition fund-raising. 3 home-schooled kids, thus there is no school to fund the trip. They are the only group from VT. Applying for $1500 for materials. We have $2800 available (2400?). A couple of “challenges”, getting balls off the floor into a target, and some autonomous thing. They need lots of “swag” to distribute at the competition, a lot of trading going on. They have $3300 out of $6200 needed.

Motion Steve motions to allocate funds of $1500 to Robots For Kids, Too (R4K2), Brian seconded. [Discussion.] Steve called the question, Jim Shields seconds. Vote passed unanimously.

Artist/Maker in residence transition. Edward is the outgoing maker. Stella Marrs is incoming artist/maker and has taken advantage of lots of classes at Generator. Has worked in lots of mediums. Felt Invisible as a woman when she moved here. Made a mylar inflatable woman, was on display at water front. It was constructed for one day through BCA in Burlington. Explored protests, gender issues, etc. in video production. Envisions a silver, spaceship-like thing, a portable “room” or vehicle / installation with a large mouth as an entrance. Inside is a multimedia display. It’s like a bouncy castle with disco music. Jon suggests Google Group through which Stella can ask questions. Members shared ideas about possible electrostatic sound application for the music.

Kira asked what the mission of artist in residence is. Lots of networking, interaction, sharing of ideas.

A number of questions and ideas shared.

Discussion of bike usage, contemplated design/build project. (Alan) Probably need constraints; design time, cost, build time, etc. Building codes? OSHA? Jackson will reach out to Lars to get things rolling.

Jim Shields updates us on Precious Plastics build, got a box of plasma-cut parts. Additional grant funding is expected from Chittenden County Solid Waste District!

Jim Wick presented a Champbot update, video of ‘bot in the pool. Talk to Daryl if you want to get involved.

Drone thing…Coming in May see Steve Mermelstein

Motion to adjourn, Jim S motioned, Jackson seconded. Passed unanimously.

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