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Aoyue 486 Smoke Absorber

● Bench top fume extractor especially designed to quickly absorb and remove the toxic gases released during the welding process. ● Quiet yet powerful operation. ● With changeable activated carbon filter that effectively absorbs toxins in the fumes. ● Has a unique back-laid air filter pack that minimize air resistance and strengthen suction power to provide an excellent working environment.

Power Input 110-130V 210-240V Motor Type Carbonless Brush Weight 2Kgs. Product Specification Manufacturer: AOYUE TONGYI ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY Jishui Industrial Zone, Nantou, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China

General Info

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Plug in. Assure air is flowing freely through the filter. Place next to soldering location and direct airflow away from people.


Change activated carbon filter as needed.

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Primary Consumables

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Replacement FiltersCarbon Filter, ESD, Activated, 5pk for Aoyue 486

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