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Adding Content To The Wiki

Wiki Consistency

The best thing about Wiki's is that they provide the flexibility to do whatever you want. The worse thing about Wiki's is that they provide the flexibility to do whatever you want!

How do we prevent a giant “mess” of information that quickly becomes a black hole? Well for one we need to establish a sensible initial framework for the Wiki that meets our needs.

The second most important thing is to establish some basic rules or templates to ensure consistency. We have done that by creating templates so that new areas and tools are added following defined standards.

Areas Template

At the time of this writing, eight primary areas have been identified within Generator. They are as follows:

  • Digital Fabrication (aka Rapid Prototyping)
  • Jewelry Studio
  • Electronics
  • Machine Shop
  • Metal Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Computer Lab
  • Studios

More areas may be added as we grow, but this will be an infrequent occurrence. When it does happen, the following template should be used to create the new area: New Area Template

Tools Template

For the sake of this wiki and our documentation project, tools are being defined as any piece of equipment within Generator that could benefit from having information such as:

  • User Manuals
  • Safety Information
  • Maintenance Information / Records
  • Certification Requirements
  • Training / Additional Learning
  • Photo Identification
  • Supporting Equipment and Replenishable Material Details

For example, a Hammer does not qualify as a tool worth documenting, but a drill press with maintenance requirements and safety and usage instructions does.

New tools should be created using the New Tool Template and following the how to create new tools instructions.

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