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Generator Member Meeting DRAFT Minutes

April 8 th , 2019

Meeting Facilitator: Karen Freeman

In attendance: Jake Blend, Karen Freeman, Daryl Stutz, Jonathan Landell, Mike Senften, Alec Dupuis,
Robin Lloyd-Miller, Megan McAvoy, Bill Millois, Pete Moore, Katrina Mason, Jon Weisbecker

Welcome: Karen welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order. Members introduced
themselves and offered to the group what spring means to them: cleaning, relief, warfare with squirrels
begins anew, wood and metal shop, rebirth, end of school, mud, depression is going away mostly,
flowers, gardening, new smells.

Minutes of March 11 th members meeting: Motion and second to accept the minutes. Unanimous vote
to approve.

∙ Daryl Stutz: Table Router isn't working. One of them is an edge trimmer, other is router, and it
has a lock switch, and it's broken- can't unlock. (Bosch?), Daryl manages tho.
∙ Milling Machine is in top form, but the vacuum is awful.
∙ Jake is fixing things; the laser pulley is needing fix, but it's a big one.
∙ Question from Mike: We have announcements, then we have questions at the end, but nobody
wants to bring them up then- how about now? How is the google transition going? What's the
timeline for that looking like? Jake says 2-3 week transition (after it starts). If it was like, Jake
and three people, it'd be easy to transition, but it's going to be a lot of back and forth. Mike:
what are the parts to this? Jake: we own the Gsuite, moving people over will be way too
complex. A lot of the work that was asked of is ready to go, but it might not be worth the time.
Mike: I'm interested in knowing because of updating the wiki and it’s antiquated. Is there no
intention of moving things from wiki to Gsuite? Jake: we'll move the group to the generator VT
url. The groups will be disseminated by interest as well. Pilot projects.
∙ Karen: let's add “questions” to the announcements (Announcements and questions)

Director’s update: Chris reported via email that all in all everything is going pretty smoothly and that he
is in the midst of Fiscal Year 2020 Budget deadline madness. Chris sent the following report which Karen
shared with the group:
1. Finances are still solid with $276k in the bank with just under our target 6 months operating reserve.
Beth is still working on closing out our books for March but our income still looks like it is running about
14% ahead of budget with expenses still about 5% ahead of budget. Once again, before we get too
excited we will likely be spending that balance down a little over the next few months since there are
few big grant or donor opportunities on the horizon.
2. Our 100% grant streak continues with a (modest) Ben & Jerry's VT Community Action Team grant
coming in in support of our new Mentorship Program. Give Ken Linge a big thank you the next time you
see him for applying is amazing grant writing skills. It can’t last forever!
3. We are thrilled to be able to send (using generous supporter’s grant money of course!) a team of
exceptional young women from Spaulding High School to California as part of our Spark program for
young women and STEM. They’ve created a design for an amazing concussion-tracking- DIY-brain-wave-
analyzer!! Wow. The team has been invited to present at Stanford University in Palo Alto California as
part of in a national design competition: Project Invent’s Demo Day. High school students from 10 schools across the country will be flying in to present their impactful inventions for a chance at funding.
Congratulations to Rachel and the Spaulding team!
4. We’ve decide to hold off on plans to purchase the fancy (and expensive) vertical mill we had been
discussing for the time being—we failed to get all of the grant funding we were looking for which is a
good thing since it will give us more time to make a smart decision. See who says you don’t get wiser as
you get older!
5. We finished up jumpstart a few weeks ago with an awesome cohort and over 600 people participating
in the lecture series to date. Now we are in the process of recruiting for our exciting new Jumpstart
collegiate program that launches June 10th and runs through August.
6. Don’t forget all the cool things coming right up. We have:

This Thursday at 6:30pm unveiling of “SATELLITE,” Michael Zebrowski's latest public art/architecture

project. BBQ fun!!

This Saturday at 5pm The Vermont Women in Data Science Burlington Conference at Generator

organized by our own Jane Adams!

Next Wednesday 4/17 @ 6pm. Reckless Ideas with UVM’s Peter Dodds - “Lexical Churn; Trump is

more popular than God (on Twitter)” crazy smart interesting speaker! Beer! Pizza!

Member Build Updates
∙ Robin: Motion platform is 3 axis, we secured additional funding (were at $1,700), and another
engineer offered to help. Three separate private donations. Hopefully we can order them for
sure this week, and start having open design planning sessions. Those will be in e-mails if people
want to be involved. If you're interested, let Jake Blend or Robin Lloyd-Miller know.
∙ Peter: my class was awesome.
∙ Leif, Gary are not here to update.
∙ Let’s learn how to use an instant pot. Mike offered to bring his in for the kitchen. Thanks Mike!
Maker-In-Residence Update:
∙ Jake reported that we are changing to a dedicated event for Maker in Residences. Twice a year,
we'll get three together and have a big event. Those should make our meeting take a lot less
time. Elliot is running it.
∙ John: Kat is doing an art swap in their makerspace! (Maker Exchange)
∙ Jake: There is an ice cream social for this event (April 16th)

Next Meeting: Monday, May 13 th , 2019
Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm
Minutes submitted by Robin Lloyd-Miller (Thanks Robin!)

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