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 +Generator Member Meeting DRAFT Minutes\\
 +May 13 th , 2019\\
 +Meeting Facilitator:​ Steve Mermelstein\\
 +In attendance: Daryl Stutz, Jonathon Landell, Mike Senften, Brook Martenis, Mats Thureson, Edward\\
 +Burke, Marcus Bretto, Jess Hyman, Fletcher Pratt, Camille Casemier, Jon Weisbecker, Steve\\
 +Mermelstein,​ Karen Freeman
 +Welcome: Steve welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order. Members introduced themselves\\
 +and offered a thought about something they wish would change: have access to additional\\
 +tools/​equipment,​ more hours in life to work at the Generator, less divisiveness in the world, simplify life,\\
 +more hours in the day, world peace, and correct spelling of two “jewlery” signs at the Generator.\\
 +Minutes of April 8 th members meeting: Motion by Daryl, seconded by Brook to accept the minutes.\\
 +Unanimous vote to approve.\\
 +Announcements & Questions:​\\
 + Maker Fair will be September 27&​amp;​28 at Shelburne Farms; Tables are free and sign up will be\\
 +announced soon; Friday is a school-focused day. There will be a Celtic festival Saturday night-\\
 +Sunday that same weekend at the site.\\
 + Thursday May 23 is the last Maker Exchange and a party/​barbecue to celebrate Kat Clear’s\\
 + Reckless Ideas on 5/29 features serial entrepreneur Alan Newman; beer and pizza afterwards.\\
 + Mike asked how the ARVR lab is doing; Steve thinks it is going well. Chris suggested that offering\\
 +workshops is a good way to get more people involved. Jake and/or Robin can provide an ARVR\\
 +lab update at the next member meeting.\\
 +Director’s update: Chris reported that the editor of Popular Mechanics visited the Generator and was\\
 +excited to see so many interesting projects: from an environmentally sound paddleboard,​ to an LED light\\
 +water purification system for underdeveloped countries. The Generator may end up being featured in\\
 +the magazine. A Maker Place conference was held at the Mint in Rutland, with attendees from\\
 +Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Chris noted that Generator is one of the more successful\\
 +maker spaces in the US and has had a 25% growth rate for two years in a row. Maker spaces are a tough\\
 +business model, why does it work here? What is the Generator magic? Many thought the people!\\
 +Finances are still solid. Organization got another grant (we are 7 for 8!), we are ahead of what was\\
 +anticipated,​ and most of the grants have not been received before. Ken’s development work is amazing.\\
 +Chris shared the current dashboard which shows good financial health: A 6-month operating reserve,\\
 +123 members paying every month (total of 400 members including colleges), no studio vacancies, profit\\
 +at 6% (healthy, with target higher). Great success bringing in philanthropic dollars. Goal for revenue is\\
 +2/3 earned income and 1/3 development dollars, as Chris is anticipating philanthropic donor interest will\\
 +decrease. Members pay 50% of actual costs, development dollars help keep the prices low for\\
 +Next cohort of Jumpstart collegiate has three participants to date, goal is six. Great opportunity for\\
 +students who have a physical prototype to get paid to learn how to run a company. Chris encouraged\\
 +folks to spread the word. Generator is trying to raise funds for First Robotics, which teaches STEM\\
 +through robot building. Four high schools in Chittenden County do not have teams. Brook thought Jim\\
 +Wick might be interested and offered to talk with him.
 +The new key card system is working and will facilitate a new “pro user” membership. $120/month, with\\
 +access from 6 AM to midnight and members can apply after a month of regular membership. Chris\\
 +reminded the group that members still need to have a buddy with them during times after the regular\\
 +Generator hours when using the power tools. The members thought the new membership was a good\\
 +idea. Generator will try new summer hours, closing at 6pm on Friday and Saturday and see how that\\
 +Member Build Updates: Steve reviewed the member build process: there is $500 available each month\\
 +for projects that involve a number of members and benefit the Generator community. Members can\\
 +apply using the application in the member area of the Generator website, with proposals voted on by\\
 +the members at the monthly meetings. A potential forge build was discussed and there were questions\\
 +about why staff involvement was needed for member builds. There has been a history of projects\\
 +started and not completed, and/or those that took a bad turn. Code compliance and space limitation\\
 +issues were also mentioned. Suggestions:​ put a plan together for the build and get to Elliot, post info\\
 +about the build to the member group, and talk to Sarah about related classes since that can open up\\
 +Maker-In-Residence Update: Kat Clear is closing out her residency and the maker exchange with a\\
 +Maker Exchange Pop-up and barbeque on May 23 rd .\\
 +Next Meeting: Monday, June 10 th , 2019\\
 +Adjournment – Motion by Brook, seconded by John Landell. Vote to adjourn 6:45 PM
 +Minutes submitted by Karen Freeman
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