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 +Generator Members Meeting \\
 +Minutes February 11th, 2019 \\
 +Meeting Facilitator:​ Steve Mermelstein
 +In attendance: \\
 +Jake Blend, Steve Mermelstein,​ Karen Freeman, Daryl Stutz, Matt Flego, Gary Shores, Duane Sherwood, Brook Martenis, Eric Roy, Rob Libby, Mark Sherwin, Kyle Werner, Andrew Giroux, Alec Dupuis, Katrina Mason, Leisa Fearing, Robin Lloyd-Miller,​ Jonathan Landell, Linda Beal, Mike Senften
 +Welcome: \\
 +Steve welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.
 +Members introduced themselves.
 +Minutes of January 14th Members Meeting: \\
 +Brook made a motion, seconded by Daryl, to approve the minutes of January 14 th . Unanimous vote to approve.
 +Announcements:​ \\
 +Steve M. encouraged members to bring other members with them to the meeting. \\
 +Eric mentioned that the Makery in Middlebury is holding its second maker fair make on Thursday, February 14 from 4-7 at the Hannaford Career Center. \\
 +Brook reminded the group about the 2X4 challenge and encouraged people to both participate and spread the word. \\
 +The first woodshop meetup is scheduled for February 21 st from 5pm-6 pm. Robin Lloyd-Miller mentioned that he was successful in converting the 4 axis mill to a 3 axis mill and back again. Contact him if you want to know more. \\
 +Jonathan Landell is cleaning his shop and is giving away some items, including a small steam engine and a 3-D program.
 +Director’s report: \\
 +Chris was out of town and Elliot is under the weather, so Jake was asked to give Chris’s report: \\
 +1. Expenses to date (fiscal year) thru January are right on budget at $341,000. (Within a 10th of 1%. wow!) \\
 +2. Income is ahead of budget by $60,000 but folks shouldn’t start shopping for gold plated CNC routers - most of the extra is grant funding for specific projects like JumpStart. \\
 +3. We have 5.5 month of operation budget in the bank which is just shy of our goal of 6 months.
 +Board member report: \\
 +No board member in attendance.
 +Vacant member representative slot: \\
 +Jean Chourney has moved to Middlebury so there needs to be an election to fill the rest of her term. The remainder of the term would run until September, and the board rep could run again for a full term. Two members had expressed an interest in serving, Robin Lloyd-Miller and Karen Freeman. Robin told the group that he felt there should be diversity in the member reps, and with two of the three slots filled by men, that he would withdraw his name from being considered. Robin made a motion, seconded by Matt, to nominate Karen to fill that slot. Karen was approved by unanimous vote to fill the third member rep board position.
 +Maker-In-Residence:​ \\
 +No presentation at this meeting. Michael Zebrowski, who presented remotely at the January meeting, will come to the March meeting.
 +Member build updates: \\
 +Gary reported that he has the CNC cooling system parts and once he has the reservoir can complete the build. He welcomes assistance with the build. \\
 +Steve mentioned that he will be starting work on installing the permanent electrical system for the drone course which will enable the portable system that is currently there to be used at events away from the Generator.
 +New member build proposals: \\
 +No new member build proposals for this meeting.
 +Other business: Robin asked if members would use the kitchen more if it had better utility. Jake said he would like a smart pot in the kitchen. Replacing the fridge with a full- size unit and putting a small dishwasher in that space was suggested. \\
 +This topic will be brought to the Google group.
 +Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm
 +Next Meeting: \\
 +Monday, March 11 th , 2019
 +Minutes submitted by Karen Freeman
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