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===== Generator Members Meeting
Minutes December 10th, 2018
Meeting Facilitator: Steve Mermelstein

In attendance: Jake Blend, Steve Mermelstein, Karen Freeman, Chris Thompson, Daryl Stutz,
Matt Flego, Kyle Werner, Mike Senften, Tommy Waters, Gary Shores, Alec Dupuis, Jon Landell,
Katrina Mason.

Welcome: Steve welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm. Members
introduced themselves.

Minutes of November 5th Members Meeting: Daryl made a motion, seconded by Jake to
approve the November minutes as drafted. Approved by unanimous vote.

Directors Report: Chris reported that the Holiday Humbug was a great success with 250+
people attending and vendors reporting strong sales. He noted Christine’s (Communications
Director) marketing efforts, Christian’s cool crowns and the decorations provided by the
Champlain College lab techs.

The Jump Start program had 37 applicants, a 42% increase from the previous round. The
selection committee of Lee Bouyea, Matt Flego and John Antonucci will meet on 12/17 to
choose up to 8 participants for the new cohort. Generator will be working with maker spaces
around the state to launch other Jump Start programs.

Chris told the group that the 4 local colleges (Champlain, UVM, ST Mike’s and CCV) all have
members at the Generator and are teaching classes at the facility.

The year to date financial numbers are solid: $170,000 is in the bank, expenses are $260,000
($10K over budget) and revenue is $250,000 ($47K over budget). The Annual Fund goal of
$5k is 69% of the way there and the overall fundraising target of $339,000 included in
the Generator budget is 70% in hand/committed.

The new key security system will be rolled out in the next couple of months.

Member Builds – Gary presented a proposal for a member build to help address the problem of
the CNC system clogging with sawdust and the expensive spindle overheating. He has a design
(open to suggestions for tweaks) that will provide a maintenance-free reliable cooling system. Is
plan is to replace the existing unsealed 5 gallon bucket with an enclosed, smaller aluminum
reservoir for just under $300 and can be completed within two weeks of buying the materials.
Mike made a motion, seconded by Jake, to approve Gary’s request. Approved by unanimous

Jake gave an update on the “ice wall’ Tetris member build which has morphed into a PVC pipe
frame with nylon globes instead of ice. The structure will be installed inside the ECHO Center
for Burlington’s New Year’s Eve “Highlight” celebration this year. He got one of the three grants
from Signal Kitchen for the project. The Illumination Collective will install a new version of the
Champlain Maker Faire “Illuminated Forest” on the waterfront, for NYE.

Maker In Residence – Drew and Yana (Peace Paper Project) joined the meeting via Skype to
talk about their August/September residency at the Generator. They were able to “stretch their
artist’s legs” and develop new skills and processes. Drew described the cost effective DIY
“Hollander Beater” system that was created to convert rags into paper. He thanked Elliott for
encouraging them to develop a more accessible system and were able to build a unit for under
$500 from a bathtub and parts from hardware stores. Hollander Beaters cost $7,500, so this is a
breakthrough for the small batch handmade paper world. The CAD file for this open source
design will be uploaded to their website in the next few weeks. Papermaking has traditionally
been used for fine art and social engagement. Making paper as art therapy is also important
and he mentioned refugees and veterans transforming clothing into paper for journaling and

Yana was able to increase laser cutting skills for her fine art. She connects art and climate
change and was invited to exhibit her work at an international show in Berlin. She also
expressed her gratitude for their time at the Generator.

Announcements/Events: Following the member meeting, a CNC meetup will be happening.

Next Meeting: Monday, January 14th

Adjourn Motion to adjourn approved, and the meeting adjourned at 7:05.

Minutes submitted by Karen Freeman

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