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Generator Members Meeting Minutes November 5th, 2018

Meeting Facilitator:Jake Blend

In attendance:Jake Blend, Karen Freeman, Chris Thompson, Bill Gottesman, Carolina Coppi, Edward Burke, Mike Senften, Tommy Waters, Jon Weisbecker, Alex Costantino, Alec Dupuis, Pete Moore, Clay Mohrman, B Mott, Katrina Mason, Rolf Kielman

Welcome:Jake welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm. Jake facilitated an icebreaker where members broke into groups of 3, identified a short list of what they had in common and then shared with the whole group.

Minutes of October 8th Members Meeting:Jake made a motion, seconded by Tommyto approve the minutes of October 8th as drafted. Approved by unanimous vote.

Directors Report:Chris reported Generator membership at an all-time high of 356, which includes 234 college members from Champlain and UVM. There will be a “Holiday Humbug” market and social event with a band and bar on Friday, December 7thfrom 5-9pm.

The next Jump Start program will start in January with applications due on December 7th. The Generator was one of the winners of the “Mayors Prize for Entrepreneurship” with a grant funded by the Kauffman Foundation enabling the expansion of JumpStart to 8 slots. A collegiate version of JumpStart will be offered this summer. A new business boot camp for artists will be offered next fall.

The Champlain College techs at the Generator is an exciting outcome from the merger of their makerspace with the Generator. The three techs at the meeting Alec, Katrina and Pete were introduced. Kaylee and Charlotte are the two other two. The techs are at the Generator M-F from 12-9pm and available to assist people and help make the facility more welcoming. The shared Flex Space with Champlain College is open for use and events. The AR and VR labs will soon be going into that space. The 3-D printer protocol is still being figured out, which will include a “service bureau” model where people can bring files to have printed.

For the quarter that just finished, revenue was $166,000, $9,000 under budget, and expenses were $195,000. There is a $50,000 grant that was in the budget and will be received shortly. There is $142,000 in the bank, equal to about 3 months of operations. The goal is to have 6-9 months of expenses in hand.

New activities at the Generator include a bike shop repair area and a ski/snowboard fabrication area. CCV, St. Michael’s College, Champlain College and UVM are all running classes out of the Generator.

The Spark cohort is underway, a partnership with the Lund Family Center and Winooski and Spaulding high schools. This interactive experience for teams of teen girls immerses them in addressing real world problems. Participants will work with business mentors and present their projects/products in April. The program is looking for mentors with experience in sleep deprivation, water quality, and stress management. Let Jon Jon Weisbecker, Generator Outreach Coordinator, know if you are interested in being a mentor.

Jon mentioned the free Generator memberships offered through CVOEO for income qualifying individuals who want to start a business. There are 11 new Generator members resulting from this partnership. There are spots are left and interested people should contact him. Jon noted that the Design Lab program has involved 350 participants form area high schools and social service agencies, has had a 40/60 split of men and women and is looking at summer programming.

The new access control system is not completely working yet. All members will be issued cards for the new security system. As part of the new system, the wood and metal shop security will only enable entry for those having the required certifications.


November12thSpark Pitch– 12:00-2:00pm at the Generator, teams of high school girls will pitch ideas for solving community ideas through technology; part of a 6 month design/prototype program.

November17thLive and Unplugged– 2:00-8:00pm at the Generator, real-time analog architecture design competition with hand-built cardboard models.

November28thReckless Ideas–7:00-8:30pm at the Generator, Randell Harp and Julia Vallera will present on tracking, consent and control of personally identifying data.

December 7thHoliday Humbug– 5:00-7:00pm at the Generator. Holiday maker market and holiday party.

December10thGenerator Member Meeting– 5:30-6:00pm food, 6:00-7:00pm meeting.

Member Builds– Jake reported that there were no member build proposals for this month’s $500 stipend. He reminded the group that the intent is for new projects that promote maker group engagement. Elliott mentioned that the mortise and tenon benches that had been approved as a project proposed by Sam and Cameron are now being built. Steve’s modular drone race course at the Generator was mentioned as another example of a recent member build.

Maker In Residence –Drew and Yana (Peace Paper Project) will do a Skype talk at the next meeting. Questions for them can be posted to the Google Group before the end of November.

Guest Presentation– Rolf Kielman, an architect at Truex Cullins, presented his ideas and models of good, useful, beautiful and efficiently built projects. The projects he presented in his engaging talk included energy efficient single family homes, bird houses, an ice ark and housing designed by the chronically homeless.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 10th

Adjourn:Motion to adjourn approved, and the meeting adjourned at 7:05.

Minutes submitted by Karen Freeman

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