ECHO Launches Lake Brite Dataviz Resource

Wanted to send out some props to Rachel Hooper, Erik Cooper, Matt Flego and Alex Toulan who, over the last year, have been building a massive array of 7,000 LEDS that transforms the user experience of data. All right down the street at ECHO! Last night Senator Patrick Leahy, folks from Google, and members of Generator including board champions Dan Harvey, Michael Metz and John Cohn and member Jake Blend were on hand to celebrate the launch of this dramatic visualization and education tool. My favorite moment: hearing the wizened Senator gasp and say, “Can I bring some of my Senate colleagues to see this?!” when shown an animated model of 20-year lake temperature trend data.

So, way to go team Lakebrite – “making” as a community resource at its finest. Really thrilled to see you in a glowing moment! Learn more about Lake Brite here.