Kristian Brevik Business of Art GeneratorGenerator’s Business of Art is a 9-week intensive exclusively for artists who are ready to turn their practices into a sustainable business.

A panel of retailers, curators, and art professionals will select up to eight artists with established bodies of work to participate in the 9-week program.

Selected artists will receive:

  • free access to Generator’s tools, resources, and shared workspace
  • free public lectures and group coaching from established artist-entrepreneurs and industry professionals
  • free expert mentoring and technical assistance
  • an artist-entrepreneur stipend


The cohort will be selected on the basis of their readiness to successfully launch their creative business and will not be judged on the aesthetics of their work.

Cohort members should be able to attend all presentations and cohort sessions; check the schedule below before applying.

Potential cohort members should be able to answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  1. Do you have a cohesive and professional body of work?
  2. Have you made serious effort to sell your work in the past through multiple channels?
  3. Do you have a professional quality online presence including website and social media?

Applications for the 2020 session will open up in September 2020.


Presentations and panel discussions are open to the public. Cohort sessions are open only to those accepted into the Business of Art Cohort.

Please join us to celebrate the completion of Business of Art (and to do some holiday shopping) at our annual maker market, the Holiday Humbug, where each cohort member will sell their art!

October 16

Cohort Session: Knowing Yourself | 3-5pm

Introduction, assumptions, working styles, team building, obstacles

Presentation: Artist as Entrepreneur | 6-8pm

October 23

Cohort Session: Knowing Your Customer | 3-5pm

Problem, solution, benefit, competition, advantage, customer

October 30

Cohort Session: Getting the Relationship Right | 3-5pm

Marketing and message, getting, keeping and growing customers.

November 6

Cohort Session: Building the Model | 3-5pm

Starting small, distribution, revenue, typical sale, price

Panel Discussion: Non-Profit Exhibition Model – Curator, Artists, & Grantor | 6-8pm

November 13

Cohort Session: Discovering the Bottom Line | 3-5pm

Startup and ongoing needs, fixed and variable costs, break-even point

Panel Discussion: The DIY Model | 6-8pm

November 15

Cohort Session: Who is your Squad | 3-5pm

Business structures, licenses, intellectual property, hiring

November 20

Cohort Session: Accounting for Creatives | 3-5pm

Sales, projections, cash flow, accounting, taxes for artists

Presentation: Finances for Artists | 6-8pm

November 25

Cohort Session: Planning for the Future | 3-5pm

Panel Discussion: The Retail Model – Gallerist, Artist & Collector | 6-8pm

December 6

Cohort Session: Celebrating success | **This session only 4-5pm**

Artist Exhibition & Sale: Holiday Humbug Maker Market | 5-9pm