Join Guest Teacher, Patrick O’Shea-Specialist in Art + Technology

Join Patrick O’Shea From the Art + Technology Department of the Art Institute of Chicago

Patrick O’Shea is a Vermonter with a degree in Anthropology at UVM. Patrick is on a mission to use technology to bring nature to center stage. Utilizing his eclectic skills in fabrication, design, and photography, he has explored different ways of achieving this through sculpture as an artist in residence in Berlin, VSC, Brooklyn, and Canada.

I observe and research systems, interactions, and phenomena in the natural/social world and create interpretive performances & environments – based in movement, materials, sound, light, interaction, video, history, linguistics, and human spirit. My goal is to use technology to bring us more in tune to the natural world.

-Patrick O’Shea

Patrick has been awarded the New Artist Society Merit Scholarship for an MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As part of the Art + Technology department, he is funded to continue his research and creations to bridge nature with technology-driven experiences. Generator is honored to have Patrick as a guest teacher.  It is only fitting since Generator is always looking at ways to serve the community at the cross-section of art and technology.


I want to have a workshop about kinetic art because I have spent the past two years doing extensive/exhausting research on the topics of motion, sound, and the human body, and I have discovered some incredible resources and information that I want to share with others to hopefully inspire them to create more holistic art.

-Patrick O’Shea

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