Family Members

$ 100

Per Month
  • Two guardians and up to three children (under 18)
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Full access to shops and equipment for the adults only
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General MemberMost Popular

$ 75

Per Month
  • Participate in member meetings and events
  • Member directory listing and communication
  • Discounted skills classes
  • Full access to shops and equipment during open hours
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Studio Member

$ 200

Per Month
  • All benefits of General membership
  • Personal working studio
  • 24/7 access
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Exchange Member

$ 0

Per Month
  • General membership available to CCV and Champlain students
  • Full access to shops and equipment
  • Discounted skills classes
  • Champlain students, contact us about scholarships for tool trainings.
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Company Member

$ 2,500+

Per Year
  • Packages start at 3 employees
  • Full access to shops and equipment
  • Discounted classes
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Please note that membership requires a few additional fees

* $15 Orientation fee: One time fee for orientation course for all members. Register Now.
* $200 Studio deposit: Due at registration, one-time refundable deposit for studio rental.
Consumables/Shop fees
* $5 per cubic inch: Cost of 3D printing filament for all builds.
* $5.00 build plate: Cost of a 3D printing build surface.
Courses, etc.
* Tool Training fees vary for the required safety courses in Rapid Prototyping, Metal, Wood, and Jewelry Shops.  See Course List and Fees


* Volunteer rates available, $25/mo. for General and $150/mo. for Studio memberships in exchange for doing a 3 hour shift a week.