Family Members

$ 100

Per Month
  • Two guardians and up to three children (under 18)
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Full access to shops and equipment for the adults only
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General MemberMost Popular

$ 90

Per Month
  • Participate in member meetings and events
  • Member directory listing and communication
  • Full access to shops and equipment during open hours
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Studio Member

$ 265

Per Month
  • All benefits of General membership
  • Personal working studio
  • 24/7 access
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Exchange Member

$ 0

Per Month
  • General membership available to UVM and Champlain students.
  • Full access to shops and equipment
  • Discounted classes
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Volunteer Scholarship

$ 35

Per Month
  • Deeply discounted membership in exchange for a 3 hour shift each week
  • A Volunteer Scholarship member that also rents a studio pays $210/mo
  • Enjoys all the benefits of a general membership

Company Member

$ 3000+

Per Year Contact Us

A Few Additional Details

  • Studio Membership: Studios are currently full. If you would like to be on the waiting list please sign up here. We will contact you as soon as a studio becomes available.
  • Member Scholarship: Generator is supported by volunteer work pitched in 12 hours per month. Apply now to join our scholarship program. Apply here.
  • Exchange Members: Currently accepting students from Champlain College. Please sign up below and email proof of enrollment to Beth. You can then get a discount code to waive the orientation fee. If you are a UVM student, you will need to get on our waitlist and we will reach out when spots open up. Sign up here>>
  • Company Memberships: Membership dues cover one year from the date of registration. All other levels of membership are paid on a month-to-month basis.
  • Members must be trained and certified in the use of specific equipment by our staff before being allowed to use it. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of our community.

Membership does require a few additional fees

* $15 Orientation fee: One-time fee for an orientation course for all members. Register Now.
* $265 Studio deposit: Due at registration, one-time refundable deposit for studio rental.

Consumables/Shop fees
* $5 per cubic inch: Cost of 3D printing filament for all builds.
* $5.00 build plate: Cost of a 3D printing build surface.

Courses, etc.
* Tool Training fees vary for the required safety courses in Rapid Prototyping, Metal, Wood, and Jewelry Shops.  See Course List and Fees

* Scholarship rates available, $35/mo. for General and $210/mo. for Studio Scholarships in exchange for doing a 3 hour shift a week.