Generator Awards New Round of Residencies

I’m pleased to share the news that Generator has made offers and received confirmation from our next cohort of Generators in Residence. Please join me in welcoming Stella Marrs and Joshua Nye!

Big Head, by Stella Mars 2016

Stella is an artist whose work spans multiple media and scales. She will join us April/May during which time she’ll build a Disco Deployment Unit (ask her!) that will be shown at the Everson Museum in Syracuse June. An early version of the concept is here (the next one you can enter!):

Joshua is a studio art major (UVM ’15) who has proposed to develop a prototype design for a MECHA armature that augments physical movement in June/July. Specifically he’ll be working to add a cable system to enhance control:
Stella will present her work proposal at the April member meeting; she’ll exhibit her finished work during the month of June.