Games + Games Design Mixer 2/19

Meet game makers and game enthusiasts of all kinds at Generator’s Games & Game Design Mixer. Connect with the community, find out what’s going on and discover ways to collaborate on February 19¬† (5:30-7:30) where you’ll get a preview of games in development by Pete Talbot (Generator Maker in Residence; DIY cardboard pinball machine), Jim Shields (Big Picture Learning; student-led Cuban history game), Chris Hancock (Tertl Studos; language acquisition games), Robin Lloyd-Miller (Generator member; game arcade project) and Champlain College Sandbox Team’s interactive virtual canvas design.¬† This will be a great night of play with a purpose.

Food and drink provided by Arts Riot, with support from Brap’s Magic, Champlain College Division of Communications and Creative Media, Tilt Classic Arcade & Ale House and Quarterstaff Games.