Experienced User Sessions

We offer a test-out option to individuals who have long-term, hands-on experience of the tools and equipment covered in most of our Certification classes.  An instructor will meet with you for a private, 1-hour session in which you must demonstrate a full understanding of the safe operation of tools, essentially “teaching the teacher” during that time.  The cost is $40 and must be paid prior to attending the session.  Scheduling is done by appointment, either by signing up online (Wood & Metal classes only) or by contacting our Education Coordinator to discuss eligibility and next steps.

How do I know if I am eligible for this option?
In general, you are a good candidate for an EU session if you believe you could teach all the tools covered in the Certification class for which you are asking to be exempt.  We’re serious – please do not request this option if you a) have experience on only half the tools; b) are only half-experienced on all the tools; c) are looking for a faster or cheaper way to expedite access to the tools.  We are committed to ensuring that all our Members understand the basic and safe operation of all our tools and equipment.

All Certification class descriptions list the tools covered in that class.  For a few of the most popular wood and metal classes, there is additional test-out information under their EU Session descriptions (found here: Class Listings.) For all other classes, please contact either the class instructor or Education Coordinator.

Scheduling EU sessions
Wood & Metal classes:  There are fixed time slots available on a first-come, first-served basis, for a few of our most popular classes: Wood Tools 1 & 2, Wood Lathes, Basic Metalshop Tools, and Welding.  Time slots can be found here: Class Listings.  We do NOT offer test out sessions on any CNC equipment (Wood Router, 4-Axis Mill, or Plasma Cutter).  If you can’t attend one of those session, please contact the Education Coordinator.

Machine Mill/Lathe, Jewelry, Laser, 3D Printer:  You must contact our Education Coordinator to discuss eligibility and next steps.  If a EU session is approved, a date and time will be set with the instructor, and a link to registration will be emailed to you.

Questions: Education Coordinator, [email protected]