Generator depends on the support of many individuals, grants, and community businesses. We wanted to celebrate and thank the donors and organizations who’ve generously supported us in the past year!

Thanks to the generosity of the individuals and organizations listed below, Generator’s programs, community offerings, partnerships, and capacity to make a difference for all types of makers is off to a strong start in 2022.

Happy New Year & Thanks!


Corporate, Foundation, & Public Sponsors

Hoehl Family Foundation

Metz Family Foundation

Morris and Bessie Altman Foundation

2021 Individual Donors

April Petersen

Audrey Brueckner

Barbara Headrick

Beth Robinson

Bryan Serinese

Caitlyn Lucadamo

Carolyn Bates

Cassidy McKusick

Chris Thompson

Colette Kaiser

Dan Falkenstrom

David DiElsi

Dawn Grenn

Dennis & Jody Woos

Doreen Kraft

Dorothy Hodson

Eric Roy

Erika Schramm

Fran Stoddard

Gary & Vicki Katz/Yamasaki

Ginny McGrath

J. Peter Young and Lauren Moye

Janette Williams

Jean Cherouny

Jim Lawson

Jody Brown

John & Deb Caulo

John & Tina Gallagher

John Canning

Jon Weisbecker

Jonathan Pratt

Joseph Negri

Joseph Smith

Karen Freeman

Kelly Hickey

Ken Howell

Lam Phan

Laura Dagan

Laurie Quinn

Lee Bouyea

Lucia Campriello and Joe Giallanella

Maggie Robinson

Martha McSherry

Martha Ostrum

Mary Willems

Matthew Metz

Meg Hammond

Melinda Neff

Merrill Goldstein

Nate Tremmel

Nathan Van Dusen

Nathan Walpole

Neale Lunderville

Nikki Heyman

Pamela Polston

Pamela Turner

Pat Robins and Lisa Schamberg

Patricia Fontaine

Peter Perkett

Peter Swift and Diana McCargo

Rebecca Sofferman

Rick Gibbs

Rolf Kielman

Ron Manganiello

Ryan McElroy

Sam Buckley

Sara Katz

Sarah Graulty

Shelley Richardson

Steve Conant

Todd Lockwood

Turner Osler

Ty Danco

Valerie Hird

Winthrop Smith and Lili Ruane

Woody Keppel

Zachary Manganello

Generator is a combination of artist studios, classroom, and business incubator at the intersection of art, science, and technology. We provide tools, expertise, education, and opportunity to enable all members of our community to create, collaborate, and make their ideas a reality. Your support allows us to fulfill our mission.