Comics and Visual Storytelling in Health

Burlington Health Innovators Meetup is kicking off the new year with an event about how artistic means of personal expression can help improve healthcare.

Recently, Vermont cartoonist and Macarthur ‘genius’ Alison Bechdel led a workshop at the UVM medical school to help medical students and faculty members learn to express themselves through comics. This innovative method is just one facet of the new fields of narrative and graphic medicine. You can read more about the UVM workshop in this 7days article. .

A few workshop attendees have offered to share their experiences and talk with BTVHI about the potential they see for comics in medicine. Meetup organizer Katie will also share a method she’s been working on to help patients tell their stories in a more visual way, and attendees will have a chance to try it out themselves (yes it involves art supplies, and yes it will be a good time.)

They’ll also have casual snacks, stimulating conversation, and a pleasant evening. Hope to see you there!