Welcome to Art Hop @ Generator

Generator is celebrating this year’s Art Hop with two days of Art, Demos, Tours and More!

Join us Friday, September 9th from 5:00-8:00 PM and Saturday, September 10th, from 10:00AM-5:00PM.


Ever wonder why architectural blueprints are blue? Cyanotype, an alternative photographic process that produces rich Prussian Blue tones from a simple iron-salt solution exposed in sunlight and developed in plain water, was invented in 1842 and the formula remains unchanged. While contemporary cyanotype printing typically involves small contact prints or “photograms” (that is, placing objects such as ferns onto paper coated with UV sensitive emulsion), this summer at Generator I’m working on expanding the horizons of the form. By first shooting on medium format film, scanning at high resolution, and then using enlarged negatives to print onto linen and cotton fabric painted with emulsion, I can greatly increase the scale and quality of prints. While demanding and difficult to execute, under the right conditions cyanotype can produce rich yet ghostly portraiture at sizes of 3 and 4 feet, which I then stretch like paintings.

Learn more about Ben and his work at poetforhire.org.

Additional Artists, Makers and Creators:

Alex Brumlik

Josephine Chase

Raphaella Brice

Josie Bunnell

Richard Gliech

Christian Konczal & Emily Andrews

Sam Littlefield

John Martin

Amy Malinowski

Andy Meyer

Ezra Ranz-Schleifer & Tommy Waters

Nick Relation

Luna Shen

David Stoltz

Events and Happenings:

Generator Tours –

  • Join us for a tour of all of the shops and spaces that make Generator, Burlington’s premiere makerspace, so special – from the wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab as well as jewelry & sewing studios, to laser cutters vinyl cutter and 3D printers, PLUS an infinitely creative community, Generator has a place for you!

Shop Demos –

  • Throughout the weekend, we’ll be showing off some of the various tools and machines we have with up-close demonstrations of what they can do. Come on by and something is bound to be whirring, clicking or banging away. Demos could include:
    • Wood Shop
    • Laser Cutter
    • CNC Plasma Cutter
    • 3D Printer
    • Electronics
    • Jewelry

Free Food-

WoodFyred Pizza Ovens will be serving pizza and demonstrating their ovens Friday and Saturday. We’ll also have catered snacks and beverages available.

Activities & More –

  • Throughout Friday and Saturday we’ll be having pop-up activities where you can engage your hands and brain. Swing on by and say hello!