And the Winner Is… Make Time Results

In December and January Generator asked members for ideas for a clock that would be visible from just about anywhere on the floor, easy to read and reliable. We received two great entries (thank you!) and are pleased to announce the results. With twelve people participating in poll, the majority of respondents (58 percent) identified the “Vent Clock” as the best fit for Generator. Congratulations member Daryl Stultz! The community now moves into the build phase of the effort, with $500 allocated toward materials and supplies.

Daryl’s clock is described as follows:

The clock is fabricated mostly from formed and welded sheet metal with the main circular piece being about 12″ in diameter. The laser cutter may be employed to create a wood fixture/jig for forming the metal and holding it in place prior to welding.

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 12.35.19 PM

The bottom arc assembly is composed of 13 curved segments forming 12 “vents” or “louvers”. Each vent contains strips of LEDs, either red as shown or RGB strips with which any color pattern can be composed. The center “turbo fan” assembly is composed of 12 vanes of curved metal. Each vane has an LED strip hidden behind it, again the LEDs are either red or RGB.

There are no moving parts on this clock. The time is illustrated by lighting one or more LED strips in the two main sections. The turbo fan assembly indicates the hour, the lower unit illustrates the minutes in 5 minute blocks. The current time is 3:30. A multitude of light animation transitions can be used to make the time change interesting.

The clock is driven by a Tessel microcontroller. The Tessel has built-in WiFi and can be signaled remotely to adjust the time and to switch light programs. During special events some alternate light pattern, possibly more “lively”, can be used instead of the standard time keeping.