Hey makers!

Do you have a product in early stage development that could benefit from a solid engineering push? Are you in need of a prototype that your customers can touch, feel and experience?

Join UVM’s Instrumentation and Modeling Facility (IMF), Designbook, and Generator for an evening of invention and ingenuity. Dubbed Pitch It, Fab It! this fast and interactive evening of pitches is aimed at exciting the IMF to collaborate with you on your idea.

The the next round of Pitch It, Fab It will take place at Burlington Generator 40 Sears Lane, TBA Spring of 2017.

At the end of the evening, the best ideas will be awarded up to $5,000 in materials and services by IMF to develop a working prototype of their project. To date, Pitch It Fab It! has resulted in 6 winners and 4 completed, working prototypes.

The Pitch It! Fab It! competition really helped me to fine tune my prototype to the finished state required for product pitches and user testing. – David Lovegrove, Realize-Design

How to Enter

You must prepare six slides that communicate the problem you are trying to solve in the market, the nature and core elements of your solution, and initial drawings and/or images of your prototype. Please note: these pitches are intended to be highly visual in nature and focus on your product, not the viability of the business.

When your slidedeck is complete, visit our contest home page on Designbook and complete the short application, which will ask you to upload your deck.

Click here to enter.

Sample Entry

In April, Northeast Kingdom maker Andy Mosedale successfully pitched his idea (see his pitch deck here) – and basic, hand-powered prototype – for a desktop plastics shredding machine. Impressed by Andy’s energy and commitment to his vision, the UVM IMF team helped Andy develop patentable drawings and full-functional prototype.

Today Andy has a provisional patent filing and is drawing partner interest in his business idea on the strength of his working prototype.