Generator is located at 40 Sears Lane, Burlington VT, 05401. The front entrance is adjacent to the Champlain Miller Center.


Generator is open 9am – 9pm during the week and from 10am – 7pm on the weekends. Members will receive an RFID card upon completion of orientation. That key card will give you access during our open hours. Non-members who are students will have access to the space during their scheduled course times. Studio members are free to use the space 24/7/365. Guests are welcome any time. Our volunteers will open the doors for you.


Parking, generally, is available between the tree and Generator in the main building parking lot on the South West side.  There is a nearby lot one driveway over West on Sears Lane on the same side as Generator.

Hints: Weekends and evenings after 4 pm are welcomed times to park in the Miller Center parking lot. Walking, busing, biking, and carpooling are always encouraged!


  • General membership: $80/mo
    • Access to equipment use
    • Tool training and class discounts
  • Studio membership: $225/mo
    • Personal studio and storage space
    • 24/7 keyed access to facility
    • Tool training and class discounts
  • Family membership: $100/mo
    • Two parents and up to three children or guardians (under 18)
    • Children must be supervised at all times
    • Full access to shops and equipment for the adults only
    • Tool training and class discounts
  • Company membership: $3000/year
    • Packages start at 3 employees
    • Full access to shops and equipment
    • Discounted training and classes
  • Volunteer Membership: $30/mo
    • In exchange for working a 3 hour shift a week, receive a discounted General Membership
Additional Costs

  • Registration
    •  $15 Orientation fee: One-time fee for the required orientation for new members.
    •  $225 Studio deposit: Due at registration, one-time refundable deposit for studio rental.
    • $40 – $240 tool training costs: Required safety course for use of Rapid Prototyping, Metal, Wood, Jewelry shops.
  • Consumables/Shop fees
    •  $5 per cubic inch: Cost of 3D printing filament for all builds.
    • $5 build plate: Cost of a 3D printing build surface for all builds.


  • Volunteer rates available, $30/mo. for General and $175/mo. for Studio memberships.
  • Scholarships available for courses and memberships on request, first-come, first-served. Apply>>

Membership Documents