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 **Welcome to the Generator Community Wiki** **Welcome to the Generator Community Wiki**
-Table of Contents: ​(needs updating)+[[:​member_proposal_process|Member Build Proposal Process]] 
 +Table of Contents:
   * [[:​member_meeting_dates|Member Meetings dates, agendas/​minutes]]   * [[:​member_meeting_dates|Member Meetings dates, agendas/​minutes]]
   * [[:​how_to_access_the_google_calendar_and_google_group|How to access the Google Calendar and Group]]   * [[:​how_to_access_the_google_calendar_and_google_group|How to access the Google Calendar and Group]]
-  * [[:​member_proposal_process|Member Proposal Process]]+
   * [[:​studios|Generator Studios]]   * [[:​studios|Generator Studios]]
   * [[:​tools_inventory|Tools Inventor]]y   * [[:​tools_inventory|Tools Inventor]]y
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