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Agenda for Monday 10/9/17 (meeting occur every second Monday every month)

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, (Josh Thompson is out)

Jean: Pizza (Clear Tables in Learning Lab), Jean and Josh: Print Agenda and minutes, signup sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

5:00 PM Pizza (Please bring your own beverages/sides)

Click link below for Google Hangout. We need to get a dedicated cart and hardware for this to be viable for attendees.

Food, Sharing in Great Hall 4-8pm

Featuring Makers in Residence

Alex Costantino

Devin Wilder

5:00 -Food Arrives- Chips and Pizza Feel Free to bring toppings for Chips (BYO Drinks)

5:30 -Call to Order- Please sign in on Clipboard

5:35 -Welcome- Meeting Facilitators Welcome- Jean Cherouny


5:40 -Minutes Reviewed and Approved from 9/14/17

5:50 -Director’s Report- Chris Thompson

6:00 -Community Business


Proposal Updates

Vote in a Secretary-Primary role to take minutes.

Tool/Project Updates

6:10 -Community Building

Updates on maker Faires Etc. Share with us!

Happy Social Hour 4:30 PM Fridays at Generator.

Legos on the front table for a month of play!

7:00 -Adjourn

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