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July 9th Member Meeting in the Great Hall

(Please feel free to contact if you want to add agenda items.)

5:00 Food/hanging out in Great Hall (Please Suggest or request to Steve Mermelstein or Jean Cherouny.)

5:30 Call to Order by Jake Blend. Minutes Recorded if Karen Freeman can join. We will get it done.

5:35 Approve Minutes From June 11th Meeting

5:40 Member or Member Guest Introduction

5:47 Directors's update

5:52 Announcements ( contact if you have anything longer than a few minutes you'd like to discuss)

  • via Jean -Nominate Member Representatives to the 2018-19 Board. Three Spots are available. People will have a few minutes to share their interest and hopes then we will vote. (will work with director/membership/board on format and timing -Jake edit)

nixed Member build updates and proposals (3-4 min pitches, using this form LINK) (NO PROPOSALS, SKIPPING)

6:00 Maker in residence presentation: Julia Vallera

6:15: Educator in residence : Leif Hunneman

6:35: vote Adjourn

6:37-? Show by Leif

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