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 ====== Generator Volunteers ====== ====== Generator Volunteers ======
-Generator is run by a very small of full time employees ​and depends on a large number of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers who work for dedicated ​shift will be rewarded with discounted membership and everyone’s sincere gratitude. Volunteer ​work opportunities include but are not limited to front desk sitting ​during open hours, shop managementtool maintenance, assisting with training ​and testing ​of new members on tool use and shop/common ​space cleaning.+Generator is run by a very small staff and depends on 30 dedicated volunteers ​to keep the doors open. Volunteers who work a 3 hour shift a week will be rewarded with discounted membership ​of $25 a month and everyone’s sincere gratitude. 
 +  * [[https://​​membership/​signup/​volunteer/#​!form/​Volunteer|Apply To Be A Volunteer]] 
 +===== Volunteer Duties ===== 
 +Volunteers are essential to Generator working right. You help keep the place open, clean, safe and productive for members. ​ Volunteer job opportunities includebut are not limited to, manning the front desk during open hours, ​giving tours, running orientations,​ sharing expertise to help members troubleshoot projects and shop/common space cleaning. 
 +==== Organize ==== 
 +  * Organize tools in an area 
 +  * Color code tools by area 
 +  * Update wiki about area if necessary 
 +==== Clean ==== 
 +  * Empty trash and recycling 
 +  * Sweep (the place always needs sweeping!) 
 +  * Clean the glass in the front entrance 
 +  * Vacuum the front entrance 
 +  * Check the kitchenette - wash disheswipe counterwe have a mice problem, make sure no food is left out! 
 +  * Tidy things up - recycle or toss out of date ads and flyers, clean up the front desk area 
 +  * If you aren't certain if something is a treasure, move it to the bookshelves in the lounge area 
 +==== Help Others ==== 
 +  * Do you have expertise or experience to share? ​ Help others out by assisting with their projects, offering ideas or suggestions, ​and anything else you can think of
 +===== New Volunteers ===== 
 +Are you a new volunteer and not sure where to start or what to do during your shift? ​ [[New Volunteers|New Volunteers should start here]]. 
 +===== Checklists ===== 
 +The following checklists should be followed when performing the named duties. You can use your mobile phone or tablet to easily check off items as they are completed. ​ Using your mobile device, scan the QR code inside each checklist to be brought to that area of the wiki quickly ​and easily. 
 +  * [[Opening Checklist]] 
 +  * [[Closing Checklist]] 
 +  * [[Process Payments]] 
 +  * [[Getting Shift Coverage]] 
 +===== Leading Orientations ===== 
 +Our Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening volunteers lead orientation for new members.  
 +  * {{ :​orientation.pdf |Script for how to run orientation}} 
 +===== Project Backlog ===== 
 +Interested in helping with or owning a small project at Generator? ​ Here we will maintain a list of things that need to get done.  We would love your help! 
 +  * [[Projects Backlog]] 
 +  * [[https://​​forms/​d/​19-Rsn6L_uD9-rdYPGehF6sNOFaAXtYW6XYIsIhlIfpo/​viewform?​usp=send_form|Log Additional Time]] - How much time do you give to Generator? We know it's a lot.  It's useful information both internally and to let funding sources/​donors know how we are using this space. ​So,if you are working on a project outside your regular volunteer slot, please fill out this form. 
-[[Volunteer Duties]] 
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