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Agenda for Monday 8/14/17

Meetings occur every second Monday monthly.

Member Facilitators: Jean Cherouny, Josh Thompson (absent for this meeting)

Attendees: Please sign-in on Clipboard in the Learning Lab( Jean typed names)

You can directly comment on this document by highlighting any part of this agenda or minutes to notify us, or email, or use the Generator Members Directory!directory


Jean: Pizza (Clear tables in Learning Lab)

Jean: Print agenda and minutes, sign-up sheet, set up projector, chairs, Google hangout.

We will need pitching in for dessert for this meeting. It is longer so we need food. Jean brought peanutbutter cookies.

5:00PM Pizza/Social (Please bring your own beverages/sides) Jean brought soda! Micheal and Denise provided cold Caronas and Limes!

Click link below for Google Hangout.

This was running if people wanted to attend from Jean's laptop.

We need to get a dedicated hardware for hangouts or live transcriptions, to be viable for attendees.

5:30 Call to Order

Member Introductions! —10 min Joshua Nye, Pan Morgan, Robin Hurla, Linsdsy Slyne, Denise Schekertain, John Cone, John Bondy, Brook Martines, Mr Johanis, Beth Robinson, Brian Merell, Garry Shores, Jeff Hill, Jake Blend, Steve Connent, Kyle Werner, Tommy Waters, Evan, Steve Mermerstein, Alex Constantino, Cameron Johnas, Chris Thompson, Micheal Metx. Dan Harvey. Ryan, Lucy, Dayryl, Doug Webster, Jim Shields, Karen, Jean Cherouny.

Welcome Dan Harvey (Generator Board President)

Welcome Chris Thompson (Newly Appointed Executive Director starting at the end of August)

5:40 Update and Q &A with Interim Executive Director, Michael Metz –10 min Lars wishing him well in his future endeaveors. New members tonight who just walked in the door and signed up! Welcome and spread the word. Revenue is Philanthropic so we continue to find sources of financial support but we are looking good. Chris Thompson Welcome! Chris lead the Creation of a dream place for makers to hang out and make. and now he is back in a capacity to lead and use his emense background in the emergent medial program at Champlain College. Micheal thanks us for being welcoming to him as he transitioned with Lars gone and has enjoyed getting to know our members and their concerns and ideas. Loves the welcoming bright, innovative team here at the Generator. Feels that we have involved Chris as a curator for 7 years ago that lead to this move as the new Generator as Executive Director. Speaking on behalf of the board and members he can not stress enough.

-Safty is Critical, Cleanliness. Storage is coming. If you have things past the 18th we will take them to the dump. Leave notes or name date, telephone number on anything important. It is best to pack it in and take it out until you have storage space or shared space.

-Access is being adressed. Closing volunteers must have a key. The closing voluteer locks doors. If you are without the key you are responsible for locking and keeping it locked. Any key holder must lock the door and others must check it and assure it is locked when they leave at night.

-Shelburne Maker Fair in it's 6th year. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! Doug Westster board member. He is ED of all Mini Maker Fairs in the State. Sign up at John Cone wants to keep informed about Art Hop. Read in the Google group but there is going to be a great deal of action and publicity. Dates to remember are: Deadline today to sign up at Generator for art space or a booth.

Note: In the Generator entryway we have a feedback box in which your suggestions, thoughts and priorities will be collected and read by Michael Metz daily and passed on to the new Executive Director. Thanks to all who have already written and shared. Please keep contributing.

5:50 Proposal Review $2,000 available – 25 min

5:50 Ryan Melshanker:Foundry

Ryan to build furnace, builds iron, 1000 lbs, Yoke is a person to contact.

6:00 Kyle Werner: CNC Wax prototyping 28-

6:10 Brook Martenis - 10 min . A Little Library With A Maker Theme. Pumpkin Chucking Contest

Anna Stevens State Wide Organization Restorative Practice Looking at beds available in the State. People are being shipped out of State Legislative Session is going to help get contract to deencarcerate Vermont.6'x9' shareed space is being revisited to talk about. Making build a cell that can be collapsed and brought to the subaru and brouth to the state. 75,000 a year on prisoners per year. Challenges are that it will look heavy. Herb Psychovich. Advocacy an issue but as a Technical consultants.

City Market will love the Tiny Library Portable. Sound and fun flowers. Will lead meet up. October 29th To get the ball running for the pumpkin. Brian Merrel, Book out, The Boy who Harnessed the Wind. Check it out!

Autodesk seen by Lindsay on her trip out to San Francisco. She gives a huge shout out to what we have here and thanks everyone who made this possible to create what she makes- it's a really great space! Thanks!

6:15 Project Updates – 10 min Jim Shields -Precious Plastics. He would love for anyone who is interested in joining the movement to talk to him because Alix is not with him and students are going back to school.

6:25 Announcements - 10 min

Lucie deLaBruse is thanking the members by donating the acrylic bender. Need help with the variac (heat controller). Who can help fix it. Jean Cheoruny and Johanne Kalisz made phone strand holders from acrylic at CML.

Kyle Werner sa that now that plasma is up and running and her is teaching now! Look for updates on calender and on Generator website.

Evan Greenwald asked abotout student availability of the machines here at Generator?

6:35 Set up the room and hear Joshua Nye talk about his Residency ending this month – 20 min Giant Robot doing Laser tag

Japanese Aluminum was his inspiration. Possible use in future with power to have fun and maybe to mechanically augment it for use into the functional aspect of industry and maybe hay fields?

6:55 Hear our new Maker in Residence Alex Constantino talk about his plans for new work in August and September – 10 min Will work on Avalon Island- Show of the work relates to an environment of art work that is enhabited and created in other modes. Chris Thompson added that a micro camera might be used in the micro world that Alex wished to create using these modes with tools at the generator. Files (stl) are useful in many ways for this project and can be saved to be used again in different ways. Train set people could be helpful working in this small scale. People can help here give connections for Alex. Thanks Jon Bondy and Joshua Nye for recommending and possibly working with Alex!


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